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Year 9 Sports Academy

The Sports Academy will benefit students in many different ways. We aim to:

  • Build student confidence in their own body and abilities
  • Create an understanding of how to train safely and effectively in a gym environment
  • Build a life-long love of fitness training, and the knowledge of how to progress
  • Create an understanding of who the athlete is, through sports psychology sessions on personality, attitude and approach behaviours
  • Understand how to prevent injury through stretching, mobilisation and recovery sessions
  • Understand the best ways to recover from injury
  • Benchmark each student with fitness goals across the year, tailoring strength and conditioning programmes to each individual's needs
  • Build resistance and dedication in our students. They will understand that they get out what they put in, and no-one can do the work except themselves
  • Make fitness fun for our students

The emphasis will be on building from within Kristin Sport, students who will go on and represent Kristin at first-team level. This pathway will ensure Kristin is recognised as a school with a sports programme prepared to challenge and motivate our own students in their chosen sport.

For more information, please contact our Director of Sport.

Come and visit Kristin

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