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Our Mission

To empower all students to be physically active for life and strive for excellence in all aspects of Kristin Sport. Team sports and individual representation will be supported, within a positive sporting environment that embraces all abilities.


Kristin Sport Values and Expectations

The sports field provides many opportunities for personal development, and sport – be it social or competitive – is widely recognised as a means of developing character. This cannot happen in isolation, however. Character must be taught – it must be taught by coaches, leaders and role models who demonstrate its value both on and off the field.  Kristin School: Where great sport happens.


Sport at Kristin

We cater for every level of ability, and relish the challenges and opportunities when competing and participating in school sports. We provide quality coaches, motivated and experienced sports staff and sports programmes for all students. We. believe that being physically active is critical to being a healthy, engaged and successful student at school.


Kristin Sport Academy

At Year 9 we offer a special programme for those students wishing to develop their full potential physically. The focus is on self-development and physical conditioning to ensure students are able to compete at the level they wish. For more information, please contact our Director of Sport.

Sports Offered

Come and visit Kristin

Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.