Performing Arts

At Kristin there are huge opportunities for students interested in drama and performance, and they are immersed in it from a young age as a key part of our curriculum.
Here at Kristin the transformational power of the Performing Arts is highly valued as a catalyst for the development of our pupils’ personal skills and attributes. The extensive range of co-curricular Performing Arts programmes offer not solely fun activities for after-school, but an extension of the Kristin educational experience.

Our students come to us with hugely diverse interests, and we always help them find an opportunity to develop their passions, or to discover new ones. We are fortunate to have an extremely talented, caring and experienced team of teachers, directors and tutors who foster talent and inspire our young people to work hard to pursue their dreams and develop new skills.

Whether in the spotlight or the wings, behind a microphone or the lighting desk, there is something for everyone in the Performing Arts. Excellent Music, Drama and Dance programmes are offered through our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

With so many Performing Arts opportunities available, students can learn to truly express themselves, discovering a sense of their place in the world – exploring, creating, and expanding their horizons.

Musical Productions

Kristin has an unmatched national and international reputation for providing excellence through the Performing Arts, and in particular through our renowned annual major productions.

Delivering three high quality musical theatre shows each year, caters to our performers, technicians and musicians from across all three schools, and facilitates an amazing journey for each student within the walls of our auditorium.

In all processes, Kristin students are offered the opportunity on and off-stage to learn professional practice, while challenging themselves to step outside of their comfort zone; learning technical and performance specific skills in an uplifting, supportive environment.  

Our recent musical productions include;


Over the past decade extensive research has been conducted across the world on the benefits of young people (and adults) engaging with music education and participation in musical ensembles.

Findings suggest that the impact on wellbeing, physical health and the brain in general, are far-reaching. At Kristin we are delighted to see our students developing their musical abilities, but also their confidence, organisation skills and friendships. 

For family and friends it is often ‘the concert’ or performance that seems like the highlight of these experiences, however for our passionate team of music educators, at Kristin it is the journey of the student as they develop as musicians and young people that is most valuable.


We are pleased to offer Kristin students the opportunity to participate in our busy and exciting co-curricular Dance programme.

One of the highlights of the Kristin Performing Arts calendar is the annual Dance in the Dove dance showcase which sees students from our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools coming together to deliver performances prepared as part of our curriculum and co-curricular dance programmes. 

Dance at Kristin provides students with the opportunity to the develop creative and technical skills, as well as collaborative skills and new friendships. 

The physical nature of dance contributes directly to fitness, wellness and sense of self-confidence.


Participation in Theatre activities provides students with the opportunity to develop what are seen as some of the most important skills for the 21st century - collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. 

The ability to step into someone else’s shoes and to tell their story allows us to gain an appreciation and empathy for others in an increasingly diverse world.

 At Kristin our co-curricular Theatre activities complement our academic offering, and provide an opportunity for self-discovery, to meet like-minded people and make new friends. 

Students are fortunate to work with passionate and experienced tutors who provide a fun and safe environment for students to develop their skills as theatre practitioners.

Performing Arts Events

  • Instrumental Tuition
  • Choirs
  • Euphony (auditioned choir for girls in Years 9-13)
  • Boystrous (auditioned choir for boys in Year 9-13)
  • Middle and School Orchestras
  • Jazz Band and Big Band
  • Chamber Music
  • Middle School Rock Bands
  • Electronic Music Production and Recording
  • Music Theatre Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Smokefree Rockquest (Years 9 & 10)
  • Songwriters Competition
  • KBB Band and Orchestra Festival
  • The Kids Sing Festival
  • The Big Sing Festival
  • Theatre Technology – Sound and Lighting
  • Theatre Technology – Costume, Hair and Makeup
  • Theatre Technology – Set, Stage Crew and Stage Management
  • Theatre Sports
  • Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival
  • Workshops and masterclasses with expert arts professionals
  • Solo and group performance opportunities at lunchtimes, assemblies and evening concerts
  • Student Art Exhibitions and Competitions


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