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Kristin’s proud record of academic excellence has been further strengthened with another set of excellent examination results for 2019. Kristin’s Senior School students choose to follow either the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme or NCEA pathway, and the recently released 2019 results are evidence of the strength of both programmes of study at Kristin.

In the IB Diploma, Xiao Xiao achieved 44 points, and Chris Brand and Aleisha Chalmers 43 points out of a maximum possible 45, placing them among the top 2% of IB Diploma candidates worldwide. 13 Kristin students achieved a score of 40 or more points, qualifying them as NZ IB Top Scholars. The average score of Kristin students was 35 points, compared to the world average of 28.5. In the IB Diploma, a 'pass' is 24 points or more and a perfect score is 45 points (i.e. top 0.2% of all students).

With over 30 years of experience in teaching the IB Diploma, Kristin had the largest number of candidates of any New Zealand school in the November examinations session, and over the past 10 years boasts an average pass rate of 98%, compared to the world average pass rate of around 75%.

Kristin’s NCEA results also demonstrate the level of academic excellence that is expected from students in such a high achieving environment. With an overall NCEA pass rate of 94%, Kristin’s commitment to the national qualification is celebrated throughout the school. A total of 371 students sat Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA at Kristin in 2019 and of those who sat Level 1, 84% were awarded Merit or Excellence endorsed certificates. Across all three NCEA levels, more than 79% of Kristin’s students achieved Merit or Excellence endorsed certificates, compared to approximately 60% from similar schools (decile 8 – 10).

Senior School Principal David Boardman is incredibly proud of his students’ achievements:

"Once again our students have shown that are capable of achieving to the best of their potential. It is down to their dedication and hard work, along with the support of outstanding teachers, that they are now in a position to choose the next steps on their exciting journeys."


On average, over the last five years, Kristin's pass rate has been 98% and over 20% of Kristin students have been awarded 40+ points out of the potential 45. In addition, the average diploma score for Kristin students has been 35 points, compared to the world average of 30 points.

Kristin has also enjoyed the enviable position of having had at least one student achieve the perfect score of 45 points each year for six consecutive years.

YEAR  Kristin  World   Kristin World   Kristin World
2019 97 70    19 8   35 28.5
2018  99 68    25 8   35 30
2017  95 69    17   34 30
2016  98 70    22 7   35 30
2015  100 80    24 7   37 30

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