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Nestled in the grounds of Kristin School, Little Doves Early Learning Centre is a haven for exploration, learning and play for our very youngest children. Set in stunning landscaped gardens, in an architecturally designed building, Little Doves Early Learning Centre welcomes children from the age of 6 months.

What’s so unique about Kristin Little Doves Early Learning Centre?

Research consistently highlights how critically important the first 1000 days are in a child’s life for building the foundations that will last a lifetime. It is in these early years that children’s brains are still being shaped and formed, setting them up for a lifetime of living and learning.

At Little Doves, our first priority, each and every day, is ensuring that children feel safe, secure and nurtured. We know that it is only then that they are able to truly flourish, to explore and to learn, and to reach their full potential.

Building on these foundations, our programme of care and education is designed to tap into the natural curiosity of children to explore and understand the world around them, to foster their creativity and imagination, and to nurture the attitudes, values and social skills that will set them up for life.

At the age of four, children move seamlessly into our well-established Kindergarten. Here they experience a programme that continues to feed their natural curiosity while preparing them for success at school.

Our foundations for learning in Kristin Little Doves Early Learning Centre
  • Caring and nurturing teachers who focus on really getting to know each child and developing their full potential
  • Rich opportunities for learning and play in an award-winning architecturally-designed building and huge landscaped gardens
  • A curriculum that aspires for each child to grow up capable and confident, healthy and secure, and able to contribute to the world

Sarah Jones

Centre Manager

BEd (Teaching - ECE) Hons

6 months – 4 years

We know these early years are crucial, and it’s our aim to make the most of this valuable opportunity, providing a rich, stimulating environment where your child will flourish.

Smooth transition to Kindergarten

Our caring, professional teachers nurture children through the important stages of their early development, leading them seamlessly into our well-established Kristin Kindergarten at age 4. Here they experience a programme that continues to feed their natural curiosity while preparing them for success at school.

Our Vision

Your child comes to us full of unique capabilities, rich in abilities and incredible potential, and we are proud to join you in giving them the best possible start to life.

Together we will develop the skills and attitudes that will last your child a lifetime, making every moment count.

We will

  move, play and explore

  talk, sing and listen

  read, count and create

But most of all we will respect, encourage and love them.

Our Philosophy

What makes Kristin Early Learning Centre special? By bringing your child to Kristin, you’re joining a community with shared high expectations, one that wants the best for its children. Programmes are designed to tap into the natural curiosity of the children, while ensuring their creativity and their inherent sense of fun are nurtured.

Together we will develop skills and attitudes that will last your child a lifetime, making every moment count.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Based on the NZ curriculum for early childhood, at Little Doves we focus on nurturing children as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

We nourish their sense of belonging and wellbeing, ensuring they feel safe and secure and ready to explore. We feed their curiosity, spark their interests, delve with them into projects and discoveries, and cultivate their love of learning. We encourage them to be problem-solvers, explorers, thinkers, adventurers, story-tellers, artists, and good playmates. We nurture their ability to learn and play with other children in a spirit of kindness, respect, co-operation, and thoughtfulness.

At Little Doves Early Learning Centre we enjoy:


Smaller ratios of teachers to children
provides more one-on-one support
and care


Rich environments and responsive
teachers ensure children are engaged fully in learning and play


Caring and talented teachers provide the care and nurture the natural curiosity of young children

At Little Doves Early Learning Centre we will move, play and explore, talk, sing and listen, read, count and create, but most of all, we will respect, encourage and love them.

Preparing your child for a bright future.

Our aim is to have children well prepared for school, with a solid foundation of literacy, numeracy, and social skills. We use an IB curriculum with inquiry learning at its foundation. But we’re also in no hurry to force learning either – we know it comes naturally, at a time that’s right for each child, and we prepare each individually to take their next step into a bright future.



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Senior School

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Come and visit Kristin

Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.