During their time here, our international students usually live with a host family which allows them to fully experience our Kiwi lifestyle within a caring and supportive environment. Our international department can arrange a homestay with a New Zealand family who is carefully selected and visited regularly to ensure they meet the high standards required. Student safety and welfare is a priority and all our host families are also police checked.

The friendship between homestay families and students can be long lasting. It also gives students the chance to improve their English skills quickly. Our Homestay Coordinator provides ongoing guidance to students and homestay families.

Interested in hosting an international student?

Kristin is fortunate to host International students from around the world and we are very proud of the care that is provided through our homestay programme.

To enable our international students to achieve academically, learn about Kiwi life and culture, and to feel at home in New Zealand, we seek to place them in welcoming and supportive family environments.  

Hosting a student is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to enjoy learning about another culture. Opening your home to a student will benefit them enormously and in turn you and your family will be enriched by the hosting experience.


  • Provide a fully furnished bedroom including study facilities, storage and heating for each student
  • Provide three meals a day plus snacks, including a packed lunch and morning tea during the school week
  • Support transport to and from school, special events and extra-curricular activities during the week and weekends. Airport transport for holiday travel
  • Involve the international student in their family life and treat them as part of the family
  • Offer sightseeing, including if possible, trips outside of Auckland area


To be considered as a host family, we ask that you please complete the following forms:

We also need a completed NZ Police Request and Consent form for every person living in your home, aged 18 years and over. This is an important requirement under the Code of Practice.

Please return these completed forms to:
Gill Thompson - International Services Coordinator (Homestay and Activities), Kristin School, 360 Albany Highway, Albany, Auckland 0632. Alternatively you may email the forms to Gill.

We will contact you to make an appointment to meet your family in your home. This will give us the chance to discuss the role and answer any direct questions that you may have. Once this visit has been completed then the Police Vetting process can begin.Thank you again for your interest in caring for one of our students, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Interested in attending Kristin as an International Student?


Our International Services department will actively support both you and your student.

  • Home visit prior to placement
  • Hosting guidelines
  • Summary of the Code of Practice for International students
  • 24/7 emergency phone contact
  • Weekly Kristin newsletter
  • Regular emails
  • Subsequent home visits by arrangements
  • Fortnightly payment


Meals Three meals and morning and afternoon tea each day to be provided.
Laundry Laundry done weekly.
Bedroom A fully furnished bedroom of your own with storage, and heating.
Study Area A study desk and lamp or adequate lighting so that you can study in comfort.
Transport Transport to school events, practices and social activities should be provided free of charge, in line with normal family expectations.
Sightseeing From time to time your homestay family will take you on outings and introduce you to various locations in and around Auckland.


Weekdays always for Dinner, 6:00 -7:00pm
Weekends, 15yrs-16yrs 9:00 -10:00pm, 17yrs-18yrs-11:00-11:30pm


All New Zealand schools that accept International students have signed a Code of Practice for the Pastoral care of International students. The Code sets out to ensures a student’s time in New Zealand is safe and secure, requiring schools to both carefully select, and continually monitor homestay accommodation. All Kristin homestay families are carefully vetted.

References are reviewed on application to become a homestay carer, and all adults living in the home aged 18 years and over, are police vetted. Homestay families sign an agreement on the requirements of hosting a student prior to final placement. The Coordinator carefully considers student preferences and requests when matching each student with one of our homestays.

Host families are expected to be fluent English speakers while demonstrating an appreciation of cultural differences. They are expected to introduce the student to New Zealand culture, and typical New Zealand experiences.


While the homestay carers assume the role of a substitute parent, making decisions about acceptable behaviour, and setting of limits, you will be treated as a member of the family, with the same rights and responsibilities. Arrangements regarding such things as going out at night, are to be discussed, in consultation with the Homestay Coordinator. Regardless, it is essential that you always inform your host family of your whereabouts.

Many NZ families eat bread and potatoes regularly, but pasta, rice and noodles can also offered. A hot meal is not usually served for breakfast or lunch during the week, and you usually help yourself for breakfast. Your host mother will offer you a packed lunch to take to school, usually a sandwich, fruit and cookies. Feel free to talk to your homestay parents or Homestay Coordinator about your preferences.

Your bedroom is your private space and all members of the homestay family should ask before they enter. Similarly, you must respect their rooms. While your room will be a good place for study, you are encouraged to join the family when relaxing.

In New Zealand hot water for showers and bath is limited. Therefore, you may need to take shorter showers than you are used to taking at home. You are expected to keep your own bedroom tidy, and the bathroom clean, after use. Most families would expect their own children to help with domestic routines, such as, setting the table, dishes etc. This is a great time for you to talk with your homestay family and catch up on daily news.


At first you will be very excited by the differences between New Zealand and your home country. Later however, as you try to cope with these differences, you may feel
overwhelmed, and homesick. This is a normal stage of adjustment. International staff are always here to support you and we encourage you to approach us whenever you are experiencing problems. Some homestay placements do not work out. In these rare cases, we make arrangements to place the student with a different family. In our experience, all International students flourish under the care and interest of our host families. We hope the experience is mutually rewarding, and that lasting relationships are formed.


Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.