Early Beginnings

Sausage Sizzle at the 1974 Garden Party

Excerpt from “25 Years of Kristin” Jubilee publication, 1997. Text from Anne Holdaway.

When the idea of Kristin was born, my husband, Jim, chaired one of the first meetings of parents… Unfortunately, our daughter Sarah was too old to enrol at the initial Kristin Primary School situated at Campbells Bay. However, since the move to Albany, we have had the pleasure of following the fortunes of two grandchildren at the school. Despite a high standard of buildings and equipment, we recognise that it is still the input of people that really counts. It has been the influence of staff, students and parents who have fostered the unique Kristin Spirit that sets it apart from other schools and remains with students after they leave.

I have unearthed old diaries and relived the heady atmosphere of early Kristin. Still in sharp focus are the fundraising garden parties held on our property in 1974 and 1976… Roy Munn left no stone unturned in the organisation. Detailed maps covered every inch of our garden down to the last lolly for the scramble… Hoopla, a Wishing Well, Trampolines, Lucky Dip, Cookie Bear, Fairies, Fancy Dress and a Fire Engine. Children plunged into the depths of native bush lured by a Treasure Hunt, and nearby was a barbecue. The tennis court became an arena for marching girls, dog obedience courses and dancing; while a wine-tasting booth proved popular.

Fundraising continued in earnest after the primary school opened at Campbells Bay. Team efforts, I recall, included two Balls, a fashion spectacular, wine and cheese evenings and endless lunches and coffee mornings. We begged, borrowed and baked while the school roll multiplied.

Throughout the North Shore and beyond, Kristin uniforms proliferated, as first Intermediate and later Senior students stretched the school limits to capacity. We watched in wonder as our initial concept materialised beyond all expectations until today, when it holds a justifiably prominent position within the educational community.


Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.