Kristin Futures

As an important part of the Senior School experience, every Senior School student takes part in a number of one-on-one academic mentoring sessions with their Dean. This enables students to plan their academic pathway through the Senior School that prepares them effectively for their chosen tertiary future.

Becoming Future Ready


Our Pastoral Care and unique Learning for Life curriculum in the Senior School empowers students to take the lead in deciding what they will do after they leave Kristin School. Exceptional support is provided through our mentoring program, enrichment opportunities, co-curricular experiences, workshops, futures evening, futures camp as well as other university visits. We guide students as they consider a range of options and help them to settle on a pathway that reflects their beliefs and talents as well as challenging them to be their best.


Our Learning for Life curriculum starts in Year 11 and focuses on developing the skills required for success in the 21st Century. Some of the topics covered include, emotional intelligence, academic integrity and exam preparation skills.  We also provide all students with an opportunity to explore future career pathways, through our BECOME Education programme. 


BECOME Education provides a Careers Education programme which builds students’ awareness of self, as well as of the world of work and provides a safe place in which students learn how to take charge of their future. The programme also gives students access to a dynamic app which draws students in and opens their minds to possibilities. Our Deans are then able to tap into the data on students’ emerging aspirations in their mentoring sessions as they prepare to make their subject selections for Year 12.  

BECOME programme will provide our Year 11 students with the opportunity, tools and resources to deepen their thinking, boost the relevance of school and encourage them to put their own ‘why’ into education. Research shows that students who gain confidence in actively developing their ideas about their future, discover reasons to get excited about their future, enjoy better wellbeing and are more engaged in their learning. Career conversations are transformed as students become confident to explore, navigate and design their pathway.


At Kristin we provide a range of career advice and support for our Senior School students. With CareerWise our students, parents and guardians can keep up to date with career news, events and student job vacancies. All Kristin Futures Resources can be found on our CareerWise site


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