Digital Innovation & Learning

At Kristin, we believe that technology is a dynamic tool that empowers learners; helping to make learning more personal, creative and collaborative.

Digital Innovation at Kristin

Kristin’s BYO iPad and laptop programme allows us to lead the way with innovative and creative teaching and learning practices. We believe in teaching our students the foundations of digital wellbeing, developing a balanced relationship with technology, while advancing the skills needed to manage themselves online in a safe, mindful, and principled manner. 

At Kristin, technology is purposefully integrated into the curriculum. Our students use technology to:

  • Create, produce, and publish media projects, including videos, original music, webpages, blogs, and infographics
  • Research, evaluate, and curate information, media, and data to make connections and draw conclusions
  • Explore new concepts via Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Communicate and collaborate with other students, teachers, and experts
  • Participate in globally active learning communities

  • Develop critical thinking and multi-sensory learning through coding and robotics


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