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Kristin Alumni – Rhodes Scholar

Lewis Fry

Lewis Fry (Head Boy 2010) is well on his way to a future at the leading edge of international medicine and scientific research.

The 2017 Rhodes Scholar and AIMES Supreme Award winner is currently based in Oxford UK where he is completing his PhD in clinical neurosciences with a focus on ophthalmology.

Lewis’ research is focused on the utilisation of gene editing technology to edit DNA for the treatment of inherited retinal degenerations and incurable blindness. It is an exciting field where new technology could give sight to those without current treatment options; however, with these advances comes a responsibility to use the technology ethically. Lewis recognises the need for leadership in developing the science alongside philosophical and ethical practices to bring new treatments to patients.
“We have numerous clever scientific ideas, and there is huge patient need. Ensuring that we can use the science in a way that we can create safe, effective and useful treatment for patients requires leadership,” he said in a recent interview with Tim Oughton, Kristin Executive Principal 2015-2019. “It requires knowledge of both the clinical patient focused side, the scientific side, and even some business sense … It needs somebody to bring those all together and I’d really like to be working in that space.”

Lewis aims to achieve this goal by following up his PhD with further clinical study in ophthalmology which would enable him to combine his scientific research and clinical experience. “I’ve spent the last six years studying medicine and I’m going to be spending the next four years or so doing this research. After that I would like to come back and continue clinical training … then bring those two together to be a clinician scientist. I aim to be well versed in both the scientific research as well as patient needs, as well as where we can use science to improve patient care and to invent new treatments – specifically, treatments for patients with blindness – to identify where there are gaps in treatments for patients and bring that science across that divide.”

Before making the move to Oxford in 2017, Lewis spent six years studying medicine at Monash University, Melbourne where he completed his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons). Lewis graduated in the top 1% of Victorian medical students and won university prizes for coming first in Surgery, Geriatrics and Ophthalmology. He held the position of Editor in Chief for the Australian Medical Student Journal and worked as a Junior Doctor at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne.

In his final year at Kristin, Lewis achieved a perfect score of 45 in his International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. He attended Kristin from Kindergarten to Year 13 and credits the many teachers he’s had over those years for the positive influence they had on his learning and development. “I had some really inspiring teachers, some great mentors, throughout the entire process of Kristin. There’s too many to list! But throughout that entire stage I always had somebody who gave me a sense of self belief and provided me a lot of opportunities to develop; from the academic side but also, I think most importantly, from the extra-curricular opportunities – particularly around leadership and service and an encouragement to give anything a go.”

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