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Theatre Technologies and Design

Student Lighting Crew on a Middle School Production
Student Crew working on Aladdin
Backstage Banter – Aladdin Performers
Backstage Crew – Fame
Backstage – Aladdin
Student Crew working on Aladdin
Backstage Banter – Aladdin
Student Crew working on Aladdin

Theatre Technologies and Design

For students who are not so keen to perform on the stage before an audience, we are pleased to be able to offer an extensive range of opportunities for involvement in the technical and design side of the Theatre Arts.

Students can join our lighting and sound teams, or alternatively participate in the fields of costuming, hair and make-up, and  stage management.

In every area students get to work with experienced professionals who will pass on their knowledge and passions to our students. 

Through these connections a number of Kristin students have ended up working behind the scenes for professional theatre companies in Auckland.

Come and visit Kristin

Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.