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Chamber Music continues to flourish at Kristin with two groups of Senior School musicians studying under the tutelage of Ms Gracie Francis and preparing for the national Chamber Music competition.

Chamber Music involves small ensembles in which there is usually one musician per part, the most well-known format being the string quartet.

Following weeks of preparation, in mid-June our two groups: Triple Czech (Year 13 - Alvin Peng, Larissa, Chen, Tanya Ren) and Chamber of Secrets (Year 11 - Jacob Siohane Royle, Vanessa Xiong, Kunli Zhang, Christina Yang) competed in the Auckland round of the New Zealand Chamber Music Competition. This event saw 102 groups of Auckland’s finest young classical musicians performing highly complex and demanding repertoire before a panel of judges.

Following the heats it was announced that both Kristin groups had been placed in the top sixteen and selected for the semi-finals. Both groups played incredibly well in this next round and we were delighted when it was announced that Chamber of Secrets were to progress to the regional finals and the top eight.

Congratulations are due to both groups but in particular to our Year 11 students who took home three awards at from the finals: Best Performance of a New Zealand Composition; the KBB Award for excellence in performance of a work featuring wind or percussion instruments; and Highly Commended, which placed them in the top 5 in the finals and puts them in the running for the national finals.

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