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Cultural Events

International Peace Night

International Peace Night

International Peace Night is a student-led event, exemplified not only the collaboration between the International Committee and UNESCO Club, but also the spirit of togetherness demonstrated by more than 95 performers from diverse backgrounds and 15 support crew members.

Kristin’s strong sense of internationalism is expressed clearly through the extraordinary performances, most of which are delivered by Senior School students. It is always so rewarding to witness the audience’s engagement and appreciation of the tremendous effort our performers and crew put into the show.

Through a myriad of unique cultural items, we are able to appreciate the distinct differences between each while, at the same time, appreciating the similarities. Through events such as this, performers, students, staff and parents alike can all learn the importance of respecting other cultures and the richness that they bring to our community.

IPN as an expression of cross-cultural solidarity as well as our diversity, and through it we hope to help foster growth in both our school community and country as we move forward as a nation.

Traditionally, all proceeds of the International Peace Night concert are donated to an international charity.

The 2021 International Peace Night concert can be viewed here >>

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