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Euphony Perform at 'The Big Sing' Auckland Town Hall

After two years of planning and preparation our Year 9-13 choir Euphony embarked on the tour of lifetime to the land of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and pretzels. Forty-one students and five staff spent 18 spring days in Europe visiting and performing in Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Nuremberg and Munich.

This amazing tour allowed for endless learning opportunities on both a personal level, and for the choir in their development as an ensemble. The primary focus of the tour was to attend and compete in the highly acclaimed Budapest International Choral Festival and share our music on a global stage.

The festival saw Euphony competing against more than forty adult and youth choirs from across the world, and we could not have asked for a better outcome. The choir were selected as one of the top six choirs to compete for the overall Grand Prix, they received first place in the ‘Youth Choirs of Equal Voices’ category (choirs up to 30 years of age!), and third place in the ‘Sacred Music’ category, in which they were competing against adult choirs. We are extremely proud of this long-running Kristin ensemble who consistently perform at the highest level.

Following the festival, the choir continued heir tour performing in churches and palaces across Europe. They wow-ed audiences with both impromptu and formal concerts, also making new fiends performing with local choirs.

This amazing opportunity would not have been possible without the talents and commitment of choir directors David Squire and Gracie Francis, and their manager Mrs Megan Bennett. Congratulations Euphony!

To watch the highlights video and hear Euphony sing, click here >>

Boystrous Perform at 'The Big Sing' Auckland Town Hall

Established in 2018, Boystrous is already wow-ing audiences under the expert guidance of Giancarlo Lisi. The 35 Year 9-13 students involved has worked very hard to develop into a passionate and confident choir.

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