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NASA Space School – Year 8-13 Students

NASA Space School
Every expedition starts with a dream,
an idea, a first step and the urge to explore
Dream Big and Commit to it

The CASE Space School International Study Program provides students with the opportunity to get ahead, to learn and apply transferable skills in one of the world’s most profound and inspiring STEAM environments, NASA.

The CASE Space School expedition is a life changing experience that inspires a new generation of STEAM-skilled leaders. The international study program is recommended to all students pursuing any career path.

Built on the foundation of the Seven Survival Skills, the program offers three key pillars of activities including enriched STEAM learning activities, inspiring leadership development, and engaging personal development.

CASE Space School aims to deliver students a once in a lifetime, best STEAM experience, at the most inspiring organisation NASA. Returning from the expedition, students will become more focused and more inquisitive to pursue the subjects they are interested in.

CASE Space School International Study Program

The CASE Space School offers two distinctly unique programs, CASE Junior Space School and CASE Senior Space School.

The CASE Senior Space School is structured to grow leadership, creativity, high-level management, and critical thinking skills; enabling students with the tools to excel in their future careers.

The CASE Junior Space School, for students in years 7, 8 and 9 develops curiosity and interest within the STEAM fields. Training for young explorers in an immersive environment, empowering students to pursue their subjects with passion.

CASE Senior Space School

Management training for young leaders. Students spend two weeks in Houston with incredible access to NASA and innovative technology organisations. They tour NASA and cutting-edge tech start-ups, engage directly with NASA experts to design and plan their own space mission, and apply business management skills in team entrepreneurship training to inspire their innovative futures.

An immersive, experiential program that hones individual leadership, project management and communication skills, while building personal skills and lifelong friendships.

CASE Junior Space School

Training for young explorers. In an engaging hands-on adventure, students learn about the development of space-related technology and are lead through several simulated missions where they must work together to overcome challenges and adversity. The inspiring leadership and personal development will motivate students to possess the right attitude and passion for life.

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