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Beijing - Year 6 Students


The annual Beijing Tour for students in Year 6 is an opportunity to explore Beijing, interact with the local people and enjoy the sights, sounds and history of this bustling city. Through the PYP curriculum model all Junior School students learn Mandarin Chinese as an additional language to English. This trip provides an opportunity to not only use the language that has been acquired during their classes in real life contexts, it also allows the students a glimpse into Chinese culture both old and new.

One of the greatest benefits that comes from this trip is the time spent away from the comforts of home. The independence, skills and personal growth gained while on tour is one of the key benefits of this journey. To see one of the key reasons for attending this trip look no further than the feedback from both parents and students alike. The increase in confidence, open mindedness and resilience the students demonstrate once they return home never fails to be something that comes up as families reflect on the lasting effects of the trip.

"The glass platforms at Shidu combined with great views and a long slide were real highlights of the trip. It was really scary and felt even higher up than the Sky Tower standing on the side of a cliff. We could see for miles, with the special shoes on our feet making us look really cool. The specially designed cracking and shattering part of the walk was really scary." – Hugo

The Great Wall of China was a real highlight of the trip. It was a challenge to get up the first set of stairs, then we looked up to see just how much further we had to go!! Luckily the watermelon and pineapple ice creams got us all the way to the top. It was surprising to discover it was even harder coming down again, the uneven steps made for a wild time. – Emma

While in Beijing the students climb the Great Wall, visit a local international school, enjoy the beauty of the Temple of Heaven, and spend time shopping in the local markets.

Staying at a quality hotel, with our own bus and driver, and a dedicated group of teachers leading the tour, those students who undertake this journey certainly return home tired, with plenty of washing, but also with a greater global outlook on life and memories that will last a lifetime.

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