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Вкладені портлеты

Вкладені портлеты

Sport Registrations

All students should register for their chosen sports teams and clubs at the beginning of Term 1. Families will be invited to attend Sport Information Evening early in the year where the Sports Managers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Registrations are completed online via our registration forms (listed below).

In some cases students are required to register separately for specific competitive events during the year. Information on these events will be shared in the school newsletter along with links to the registration forms. These links will also be loaded under the sport headings below.

Students who wish to register for a new sport during the year should contact the sport manager. Contact details for all sport managers can also be found on the relevant sport page.

If you have any questions regarding sport registrations please contact the Sports Office.

Sports Office
09 415 9566 Ext 2824
Email the Sports Office

Registration Forms - 2019

More information on Athletics at Kristin >>

Year 3-6 Badminton Registration Form >>
Year 4-6 Badminton Primary Schools Competition - Expressions of Interest >>
Year 7-10 Registration has now closed.  Enquiries please contact Abbey Doe
Year 11-13 Registration has now closed.  Enquiries please contact Abbey Doe
More information on Badminton at Kristin >>

Year 2-6 Miniball Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Basketball Registration Form >>
More information on Basketball at Kristin >>

Year 2-13 Climbing Registration Form - Summer Terms 1 & 4 >>
Year 7-13 Climbing Registration Form - Winter Terms 2 & 3 >>
For Junior School Climbing enquiries please contact Fiona Ackroyd.
For Middle and Senior School climbing enquiries please contact Barbara von Foerster.

Year 4-6 Cricket Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Cricket Registration Form >>
More information on Cricket at Kristin >>

More information on Cross-Country at Kristin >>

Year 9-13 Equestrian Registration Form >>
More information on Equestrian at Kristin >>

Year 3-13 Fencing Registration Form >>
More information on Fencing at Kristin >>

Football Registration Form 2019 (Children ages 4-6) >>
Football Registration Form 2019 (Date of Birth 2000-2006) >>
More information on Football at Kristin >>

Year 3-6 Junior School Championship Registration Form >>
Year 2-6 Lunchtime IoG Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Golf Registration Form >>
More information on Golf at Kristin >>

Kindy/Year 0 Gymnastics Registration Form >>
Year 1-6 Gymnastics Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Gymsports Registration of Interest Form >>
More information on Gymsports at Kristin >>

Year 0-3 Fun Sticks Registration of Interest Form >>
Year 3-6 Hockey Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Hockey Registration Form >>
Year 1-6 Summer Hockey Registration Form >>
More information on Hockey at Kristin >>

Year 2-6 Netball Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Netball Registration Form >>
More information on Netball at Kristin >>

Year 7-13 Orienteering Registration Form >>
More information on Orienteering at Kristin >>

Kindy - Year 3 Playball Registration Form >>
For all Playball enquiries please contact our Clubs Manager, Fiona Ackroyd.

Running Club
For more information on the Running Club please click here>>

Year 3-6 Rippa/Tackle Rugby Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Rugby Union Registration Form >>
More information on Rugby at Kristin >>

Sailing (see Yachting)

Term 4 Snowsports Programme at Snowplanet >>
Year 1-13 Snowsports Racing - Registration of Interest >>
More information on Snowsports at Kristin >>

Year 5-6 Surfing Registration Form >>
For all Middle/Senior School Surfing enquiries please contact Anitia Jones

More information on Swimming at Kristin >>

Table Tennis
Year 3-6 Table Tennis Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Table Tennis Registration Form >>
More information on Table Tennis at Kristin >>

Year 2-6 Tae-Kwon-Do Registration Form >>
For all Tae-Kwon-Do enquiries please contact our Clubs Manager, Fiona Ackroyd.

Year 3-6 Tennis Coaching Registration Form >>
Year 4-6 Tennis Sports Exchange Expression of Interest Form >>

Term 4 / Year 7-13 Beginners Tennis Programme >>

More information on Tennis at Kristin >>
For all Tennis Year 7-13 enquiries please contact Abbey Beaumont

Touch Rugby
Year 3-6 Term 4 Touch Rugby Registration Form >>
Year 7-10 Term 4 Touch Rugby Registration Form >>
More information on Touch Rugby at Kristin >>

Year 3-13 Trampolining Registration Form >>

Term 4 Volleyball Registrations have now closed.
More information on Volleyball at Kristin >>

Water Polo/Flippa Ball
Year 2-6 Term 1 Flippa Ball Registration Form >>
Year 7-13 Term 1 Water Polo Registration Form >>
More information on Flippaball at Kristin >>
More information on Water Polo at Kristin >>

Year 7-13 Yachting Registration Form >>
More information on Yachting at Kristin >>

Вкладені портлеты

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