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Вкладені портлеты

Вкладені портлеты

Junior School Groups Registration

Students in the Junior School enjoy a vast array of co-curricular opportunities. Be it sporting, performance or leadership-focused, these clubs allow students to challenge themselves outside of the classroom, build relationships and discover new interests.

A dedicated Clubs Manager administers the Sport Clubs for the Junior School.

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Art Clubs

Year 1-6
In support of developing creativity and expression in our students, Kristin offers specialist instruction in Visual Arts across all three schools. For those students who would like to explore further opportunities in this domain there are a number of activities on offer at lunchtimes or after school. Clubs vary from term to term, but may include art, jewelery making, photography and sewing.

Chess Club

Year 4-6
The benefits of chess are well documented in support of concentration, problem solving and strategic thinking. Lunch time and after school opportunities exist for students wishing to play at all levels - from beginner classes and drop in social sessions, to the development of competitive teams that participate in regional competitions.

Cloud Club

Year 5-6
This popular lunchtime club offers students the opportunity to develop their digital media skills in the Canon Cloud Suite. Students work together to plan, script, film and edit movies using the latest technology and quality sound and recording equipment. 

Coding Club

Year 3-6
For students interested in employing the latest in emerging technologies, the Coding Club is a lunchtime opportunity to explore cutting edge Apps and to design and develop their own games and applications using simple coding programmes.

Enviro Club

Year 3-6
A lunctime activity group that works to raise the profile of environmental and sustainability initiatives in the Junior School, including management of the Junior School Vegetable Gardens.


Year 3-6
Forensics@Kristin is a high quality, high energy, non-residential holiday camp experience for gifted students from all over New Zealand. A completely student-led programme, the camps involve tremendous fun and new friendships with like-minded students from a wide variety of places and backgrounds. There are three divisions: Junior Forensics (Year 3-6), Forensics (Year 7-10), Senior Scholars (Year 11-13).

Kapa Haka

Year 5-6
Kapa Haka offers students the opportunity to learn more about Maori culture, songs and dances. Performances will include Junior School Assemblies and offsite competitions.


Year 1-6
A weekly after-school cooking class hosted by LittleCooks.

Maths Games Club

Year 5-6
An opportunity for students who share a passion for mathematical problem solving to enter the Math Games competition.

Touch Typing

Year 4-6
A weekly afterschool programme for students wishing to develop their touch typing skills. This may be offered later in the year.


Year 1-6
Student representatives to the Travelwise Club are determined through a class nomination process. Meetings occur at lunchtimes. The Travelwise Club raises the profile of sustainable transport options in the Junior and Middle School and organises fun events during the year.

Writer's Camp

Year 3-6
Writer's camp is an opportunity for young enthusiastic writers. Year 7-10 develop their writing skills and explore their writing passion with new friends in a creative, fun, collaborative environment. Students at this four day workshop will develop their writing skills under the professional tutorage of an accomplished children's writer and educator, Brian Falkner. Each student will receive individual guidance and feedback on their writing and a published book of the camp's stories.The Junior Writer's Camp (Year 3-6) is a similar workshop held for one day.

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Вкладені портлеты

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