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Вкладені портлеты

Вкладені портлеты

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Year 5 go Swimming

As part of our Education Outside of the Classroom (EOTC) Kristin Junior School is partaking in their annual swimming lessons.

The swimming season is upon us…5B travelled by bus to the Hilton Brown swimming pool. They dipped their toes in the water, they were grouped into their level of ability and then the instructors took over.

Squeals of excitement and splashes of joy filled the swimming pool.
Into the water, one by one they splashed.  Some students were swimming freestyle, some were swimming with a flutter board and some were learning the all-important overarm stroke.

‘This is so much fun being in the water as it is a long time since last summer.’ Alana

‘I loved it when I was in the water holding onto the instructors hand, because when she let us go it was a surprise for us all.’ Hannah

‘My arms got really tired, but I loved it because I learnt new strokes.’ Marcus

‘Our instructors were cool because they explained everything clearly.’ Brendon

‘I love being underwater.’ Willamena