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Вкладені портлеты

Вкладені портлеты

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Year 2 Making Friends

2T have started off the year by unpacking our central idea that Social skills are needed to make friends. We discussed the attributes  of what makes a good friend and also what we should not do to ensure we keep our friends. Together we put together our class Treaty which outlined the rules we agreed to abide by as a class. We watched the Year 2 teachers perform some amazing role plays which demonstrated ways of positive friendship building. This included sharing and welcoming new people to our games. We read “Have You Filled Your Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud. We discussed the importance of “filling each others buckets” and wrote notes to each other to highlight something we love about them. These were popped into their buckets for them to enjoy.

Students of 2T have understood these aspects of our Unit of Inquiry so far:

‘We need to be kind, caring and help people’ - Baker
‘I learnt about and enjoyed filling other peoples buckets’- Aimee
‘I know we should play with people who are sad and don’t have anyone to play with’ - Ishaan