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Вкладені портлеты

Вкладені портлеты

2S are learning to see the world in fresh, different and unusual ways. We are going to learn to see the world like poets.

We started by exploring everyday objects and using our imagination to create a poem inspired by the item. We looked at a metal whisk, a pair of scissors, a spatula and a pencil sharpener. We wanted our poems to ‘sing’ so we used line breaks to determine how the words of the poem are written on the paper.
After our initial activity we chose the best idea and wrote a poem about it.
Can you guess which object these poems are about?

This is a shark,
It has sharp teeth.
It is very scary!
The shark jumps up,
He jumps and he jumps!
By Ryan Tai

This is a stripey air balloon.
It has
And people enjoying the ride.
The balloon goes up, up, up and down, down, down
All the way to the grass.
By Olivia Ye

I think it is
A dog
Body is brown,
He is eating the pencil
And waiting
By Wanika Lee