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İçiçe Portletler

İçiçe Portletler

ICT Policies

Student devices on campus

Our Digital Citizenship Programme operates school-wide and teaches students to be aware of cyber-safety, inappropriate material, best practices and care of their devices.

HelpZone Support

Kristin's ICT Services team operates HelpZones to assist students. Normal support includes software issues, printing and network connection problems.

HelpZones are open Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm and are located within the Library Information Centre.

Backing Up Work

All students must regularly back-up their work (weekly as a minimum). We recommend Cloud Storage (i.e. iCloud or Google Drive) or backing up to student USB memory sticks or flash drives.

Monitoring of Devices

All devices are registered to the Kristin wireless network. This allows continual monitoring and filtering of inappropriate material and assistance with diagnosis, if a device develops a software issue.

If a student is thought to hold inappropriate material either on their device or on external drives/media an investigation will occur, led by the year level's Dean.  If a device is found to be transmitting malicious traffic e.g. Malware or Viruses that could affect the School's networks the device will be removed from the Kristin wireless network whilst investigations occur before re-connection.

Kristin School reserves the right to request access to any device for investigative purposes only. Failure to surrender the device for inspection will be escalated to the appropriate disciplinary procedures. If an investigation is deemed necessary then the device in question will be removed from the network until a resolution has been reached.

Curriculum Site Licensed Software

During the course of the school year, specific curriculum-based software is installed onto student laptops.  This is deployed using our software installation tool.  please note our site licensed agreements do not allow the selling on of our software or for students to have multiple copies.  Curriculum Site Licensed Software is installed at the beginning of term and your school account is charged an $80.00 one-off installation fee.

Loan Fleet

By adopting a BYO model, access to a like-for-like loan device is no longer possible to maintain with such a diversity of devices.  However, Kristin is committed to providing a service that allows student access to basic school needs whilst their primary device is repaired.  Therefore a fleet of iPad Mini tablets will be available for all students to use whilst their device is repaired.  Alternatively, students may use an additional home device on a temporary basis, though curriculum software cannot be installed temporarily:

Scenario 1:  A Year 6 student accidently drops their iPad and the screen is damaged.  Parents arrange for a repair service with a preferred supplier (Note:  Repair agent recommendations can be provided, if requested).  The student collects an iPad Mini from ICT Services, while their own device is repaired off-campus.  Whilst in use, the student's own Apps can be installed onto the loan and school-work (backed up to iCloud) can be accessed.

Scenario 2:  A Year 9 BYO student's laptop is stolen.  Parents notify ICT Services of their Police Incident number, and arrange for a new replacement device through a retailer, but there is a short delay in shipping.  An iPad Mini is used by the student to access basic school requirements, whilst waiting for the new laptop to be delivered.  At network registration of the new laptop, the loan iPad Mini is returned, with schoolwork backed up to iCloud.  The student installs iCloud onto their laptop to access their saved work.

Scenario 3:  A Year 10 student's laptop is accidently damaged.  Parents arrange for a repair service with a preferred supplier (Note:  Repair agent recommendations can be provided, if requested).  The student registers a home laptop on a temporary basis, whilst their primary device is repaired off-campus.  (Note:  Curriculum software requirements cannot be installed onto temporary devices).  Alternatively, an iPad Mini can be used by the student.

Scenario 4:  A Senior student's hard drive is faulty.  ICTS provides an investigation service, and whilst this occurs, the student can use one of their own secondary devices.  Alternatively, an iPad Mini can be used by the student for the duration of the investigation.

Loan Programme Ratios

The school-wide iPad Mini loan programme is an assurance to allow your child access to the majority of school requirements whilst their own device is repaired. Students may borrow a loan device for a maximum of 15 school days during the course of a term. The ratio of loan iPad Minis to students will be 1:25 which is considerably higher than our recent laptop loan programmes over the last few years. 

Loan Software

Whilst using the iPad Mini loan device, students will be able to access:

  • Google - for gmail and other Google applications (including Google Drive)
  • myKristin - for the school-wide Learning Management/Collaboration platform
  • Pages, Keynote and Numbers Apps - for day-to-day school requirements
  • iCloud - for storage
  • Overdrive - for eBook publications
  • eTextbooks - PDF versions of the available curriculum eTextbooks
  • Internet and search engines

Note:  Our younger students (who are part of the tablet programme) would have access to their curriculum-approved Apps whilst using the iPad Mini loan

The majority of our curriculum software will not be accessible during the loan period.  The loan devices are not a like-for-like replacement, but a means for your child to access resources at school on a temporary basis.

Loan Device Damages

In the event of accidental damage to a loan device or power cable, costs for repair will be charged to the student's school account.

İçiçe Portletler

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