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İçiçe Portletler

İçiçe Portletler

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Year 4 Mind Lab Excursion

As part of our Unit of Inquiry '‘How we organise ourselves', the Year 4 students visited Mind Lab to inquire into the Technology and inventions of the home, workplace and leisure activities, circumstances that lead to the development of important inventions and their impact and the systems in the design process. The Central Idea is ‘Technological development impacts on the world of work and leisure’.

The Year 4 students engaged in a rotation of four activities. Our first activity was coding where we first needed to tell the computer which robot we were going to code. After that we got to programme our robot. This was my favourite activity and I was so excited because I wanted to learn more about coding.

We were really excited to find our second activity was learning to make a sound with a computer and makey makey. I found out that your shoulder, forehead, playdough and tin foil all make a sound with they are connected to a makey makey.

For our third activity we were got to make hovercrafts. We used sticks, tape, a motor and a plate. Our hovercraft was a success.

It was then time for our fourth activity, making cars. We built a car with lego and a motor. Our car was really fast. It was really fun building the car.

I learnt a lot visiting Mind Lab and it was really fun too.
Georgie Miller 4B