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İçiçe Portletler

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GAIL Exchange - South Africa #2

We arrived yesterday, after a very quiet morning, it was an amazing journey and as we approached Prestige College, we saw a beautiful campus and had lots of friendly faces to greet us.  All the schools arrived together and we all moved into the dormitory accommodation – each room had photos and names on the doors, all mixed up so we could meet lots of new people.

Today we awoke, ready to start the GAIL activities.  In the morning there was an orientation game, getting to know the campus.  It was great to race around, finding clues and seeing all the different parts to Prestige.  After a yummy lunch (the food has been amazing so far) we all met in the auditorium to learn about the convention project.  Using hidden sticks, riddles and pictures, 8 teams were formed, all with a statement about ‘relationships’ to prove or disprove.  Topics include community, beliefs, technology, the environment and how people relate to each other.  Over the next few days, the teams need to build reasons and an argument that either supports or is against the different statements e.g. “People need technology to flourish” and Friday will involve a big debate.

At 5.30 the opening ceremony and celebration began, with amazing South African dancing, drumming, singing and dramatic performances by the amazing Prestige College students.  Speeches and a thought provoking presentation about respecting diversity and our environment were also given (the Chief Seattle Speech), before a delicious lamb roast meal was served. Then it was dancing and having fun with all our new friends.  We can’t wait until tomorrow when we visit the Cradle of Human Civilisation.