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İçiçe Portletler

İçiçe Portletler

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Final Day in Tahoe

This morning we were hosted by the Forestry Service Agency and had an excellent presentation and walk with the education ranger. She took us to a sacred Indian site within a local forest near Lake Tahoe. It was a privilege to witness a site where the indigenous tribes had lived during the summer season.

We then were invited to collaborative meeting of 14 different agencies all focused on educating people about the environmental issues of Lake Tahoe.

Our final night in Lake Tahoe was spent in a typical US diner, enjoying the local cuisine, of which there was a lot! Tomorrow morning will be a very early start to Reno Airport. At this point we split into two groups, Fraser is off to Portland and I am off to Seattle. We will be living with local families and visiting schools and community groups for the next 11 days. Exciting times ahead!

Ms Glenis Paul