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İçiçe Portletler

İçiçe Portletler

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Everest Programme Update

The Year 7 and 8 boys in the Everest Programme have been making good progress in their ascent towards the summit in 2017!

Their focus in our weekly meetings and through their completion of a weekly progress update has been to develop strategies for staying engaged in lessons, keeping organised and being consistently prepared. They have earned weekly points in each of these areas and a high bar was set at the beginning of Term 2 that, if reached, would allow them to participate in a Rewards Trip.

The day for that trip came up on August 3, at which time 17 boys had reached their points goal, earning them a seat on the bus to Tree Adventures in the Woodhill Forest, along with myself, Mr. Haslam and Mr. Gurney. Even the boys who are a bit afraid of heights enjoyed the experience immensely and it was impressive to see how they worked together to get over and around the various obstacles high up in the trees! The boys were exposed to a variety of challenges – both physical and mental – and found that overcoming them led to a very rewarding experience.

Going forward, the boys will be focused on concepts such as brain plasticity and the benefits of establishing a Growth Mindset.

All of the boys will continue working through Terms 3 and 4, with another Rewards Trip at the end of the year set as a motivator.

By Mike Badger - Lead Teacher