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İçiçe Portletler

İçiçe Portletler

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6M Maths Inquiry

In 6M we have been undertaking our own personal inquiries into parts of our maths knowledge we find challenging and want to improve upon. These come from a range of areas including place value, basic facts, number sequencing/ordering and fractions.

We first identified specifically what we needed to work on, then decide how we would learn it. Several websites proved very useful including IXL, Khan Academy, Maths is fun and Math Antics. We also used our peers within the class who were experts in that field, as well as utilising hands-on maths equipment and textbooks. Our next step was to practise this new learning and show evidence of what action we had taken to do so. Finally, we shared our new understanding with others, by teaching the knowledge to someone else, creating a poster or chart for display, making a video to explain, completing an assessment or even designing a game for others to play.

Throughout this process we were taking responsibility for our own learning, using our inquiry skills and proving ourselves to be motivated, self-directed learners who are nearly ready for Middle School!