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İçiçe Portletler

İçiçe Portletler

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1S Changing State of Matter

This term all the Year 1’s are learning about heat energy and the changing state of matter. To understand this better 1S watched a solid block of ice melt. Inside were the words for our central idea. Our class arranged the words to make a sensible sentence and then learnt what it meant. We have started experimenting with changing states of matter. The best was making jelly!

Making Jelly- Changing the State Of Matter
First, we boiled water in a jug. Next, we poured the jelly crystals into a tub. Then we poured the boiled water into the tub too. We mixed this with a spoon to dissolve the crystals. After that we poured the jelly liquid into the cups. Then we put the jelly into the fridge. After three hours, we saw it has turned into a solid. We took the jelly out of the fridge and ate it up!  Ella Yang 1S