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Nestlade Portlets

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5M are exploring the body and how it all works!

We are having lots of interesting learning experiences! A highlight would have to be our visits to the Life Education caravan. We spent lots of time learning about different body parts and how they are all linked together into different systems that keep the body going. We loved the caravan and its awesome technology to see inside bodies. We were also able to take PAT, the dummy, apart (stands for Pull Apart Torso!!)  and look at different body parts up close.

Here are some cool facts we learnt:

Isabelle – I thought the brain was just one big thing. Now I know it has three main parts.
Tino – I learnt that the liver helps you grow because it stores the nutrients from your food.
Siwoo – Did you know that the stomach is protected by mucus so that the stomach acid can’t burn through the stomach?
Hansen – I learnt the liver has about 500 jobs.
Elisha – I found out the brain controls most of your body parts.
Harry – I learnt that your left lung is 10% smaller than our right lung to make room for the heart.
Rui – The liver is the biggest organ in your body but the biggest organ of all is your skin, but it’s on the outside.

We have also had a lot of fun sharing what we already know about bodies on the inside. In class we worked in groups with big bits of paper and drew around a body. We then had to record on the body what we knew about where different parts are located. We had to try and colour code the body parts that belonged to the same system.

We know a lot! And we are learning more all the time about the workings of these amazing things that are our bodies!