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Premium Real Estate has been a loyal supporter of Kristin since 2007. As such this relationship is one of Kristin’s longest standing commercial partnerships and we value it deeply. Premium are considered to be a part of the Kristin family and our community that is supporting our students and the school in its endeavours by supporting Kristin sport.

There is a strong alignment between the Kristin brand and high end customer experiences and that of Premium Real Estate. For new families moving to Auckland or current families at Kristin looking for a change of homes, Premium cares about the wellbeing of families at one of the most exciting but also stressful transactions of a lifetime for many.

Contact: John Hastings

Come and visit Kristin

Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.