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The generosity and ambition of our founding families has enabled us to enjoy this beautiful campus and well resourced school today. The Kristin Foundation seeks to continue this tradition of empowering the school to be at the leading edge through the generosity of our community.

The Kristin Foundation is looking to build a large scale fund over the long term that can be utilised to enable various projects and initiatives. The Foundation will have a strategic focus in the next five years 2019 to 2023 as we move towards the Kristin 50th Celebration in 2023.

Scholarship Funds of $5 million which will enable depending on the interest rates 5-10 equivalent full scholarships
A Bequest Programme with our parents and staff from 1970s who are now 75 years plus for donations into general funds
Endowment Funds $10 million plus - large untagged interest generating funds for a range of outcomes

Members of the Foundation Committee 2020

From the Board
Ian Watson - Board Member (Chair)
Philippa Fee, Board Chair, Kristin School Charitable Trust

Staff Members
Mark Wilson, Executive Principal, Kristin School
Nigel Wilkinson, Director of Business Services

Kauri Members
Barry Stevens, Patron
Liz Darlow - Vice Patron

Members of Kristin Community reflecting our stakeholder groups:
Junior School:
Ian Palliser
Jeremy Zhang
Jennifer Zhang

Middle School:
Petrina Walker
Antonia Chen

Senior School:
Tom Furlong

Alumni Parents:
Andrew Dickeson (tbc)
Mark /Pip Evans (tbc)