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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

Middle School Digital Learning Programme

All Middle School students (including new students) manage their own laptop as a part of the Digital Learning Programme. Students register their laptop as their 'primary' device. All students should have their laptop ready for the first day of school. These students can also register a 'secondary' device, but this is limited to a smartphone or tablet.

Students are welcome to visit the ICTS HelpZone for support. If a problem is identified with the laptop, the student will be advised of next steps, which may include referral back to the retailer. Please ask your retailer for details of warranties prior to purchase.

BYO-Laptop Specifications >>

Antivirus/Malware Solution

Chillisoft provide a discounted price on an Antivirus/Malware Solution, promotional code A276RP5PQ4. Please note this is for a new license discount - not a renewed license.\.

Note: Users must select ESET Antivirus from the options. A trial version is not acceptable. Alternatively, install a free version that is compatible with Apple and Windows, such as Antivirus for Mac or Antivirus for Windows.

Wireless Network Card

All devices registered must have a Wireless network card that supports WPA2 Enterprise Encryption, and Supports either 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards. (N or AC Recommended)

Battery Life

When selecting a device ensure it has suitable battery life for a full school day (up to six hours of use).

Backing up your work

All students must regularly back-up their work (weekly as a minimum). We recommend Cloud Storage e.g. iCloud or Google Drive, or backing up to a student-owned USB memory stick or flash drive.

BYO-Laptop Software Information

Software requirements will need to be individually purchased and installed. This requires single user licenses to be purchased for some software. It is required that all software listed be installed prior to the start of school, unless stated otherwise. Please install the versions listed below. The minimum software requirements are:

Software Name


Word processing software

Recommended Requirement
MS Office 365 is available for all students to access and download once on campus.

However, other Word processing software can be installed if preferred.  The software must support the authoring of .doc, .ppt and .xls file formats however. For example: LibreOffice or Apple specific applications such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers or Cloud Based solutions such as Google Docs.

eSetNod32 or equivalent  Anti-Virus software

Compulsory Requirement
Anti-virus for all BYO-Laptops.
Note: A trial version is not accepted, please see the Chillisoft promotion above.

Curriculum Site Licensing

Curriculum Site Licensed software is installed on campus at the beginning of term and your school account is charged for any site-licensed purchased software.

NOTE: Some of our curriculum site-licensed software must be removed by ICTS prior to a device being replaced or a student leaving Kristin. Our site licensed agreements do not allow the selling on of our software or for students to have multiple copies.

Nested Portlets

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