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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Junior School Bouquets


Congratulations to the following students:

Year 0

  • Juliane Janke for always being a kind and principled learner in 0A
  • Mark Kharlamov for bringing humour, fun and passion to our class daily
Year 2
  • Marcos Caithness Ruiz for the thoughtful contributions you make in class
  • Liz Zhang for the consistent effort you make with all your school work
  • Baker An for being clear and confident when communicating his valuable ideas in class
  • Alexander Palmer for outstanding effort, focus and attitude in Performing Arts
  • Evan Wu for being knowledgeable and confident during mathematics
  • Ella Yang for outstanding effort, focus and attitude in Performing Arts
  • Harry Gilder for making thoughtful contributions to class discussions
  • Alexandra Hay for being an open minded and reflective learner
  • Lincoln Ashley for demonstrating communication skills and sharing his knowledge of technology with others
  • Bonnie Liu for being a principled class member who perseveres to do her best
Year 3
  • Luke Gordon for focus and determination when approaching new skills
  • Sonia Zhao for working on her reading and comprehension skills with focus and determination
  • Heidi Gibbs for being open minded when exploring dances from other cultures
  • Rex Wang for offering his ideas to class discussions
  • Natasha Burrows for her vibrant imagination and wonderful creative writing
  • Joanne Park for always striving to reach her full potential and being committed to always doing her best
Year 4
  • Scout Harris for being a reflective writer. Scout follows the editing process to improve his work
  • Milly Lendich for being a principled learner in Chinese. Milly is able to sing in Chinese confidently
  • Chloe Loughton for being a thoughtful writer. Chloe selects powerful words to enhance her writing
  • Cooper Peters for being an active, enthusiastic and thoughtful class member in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Hannah Chang for working collaboratively with others and displaying a real commitment to her learning
  • Hannah Poon for your positive attitude and enthusiasm towards your learning
  • Kevin Xu for being a courageous communicator when presenting a solo to an audience
  • Isabelle Ning for being a principled and caring class member
  • HanMing Shen for being a knowledgeable and reflective learner
Year 5
  • Alex Goodwin for being a co-operative student who shows focus, determination and curiosity in his learning
  • Miqi Su for being curious in our Science Inquiry and collaborating and co-operating with your group
  • Evelyn Liang for the commitment you have shown to creating your beautiful tiger portrait
  • Rui Xu for care and thought given to the process when solving a Maths problem
  • Jenny Zhang for being an interested and motivated learner who questions for understanding
  • Christopher Rystwej for assisting others when in the role of 5B's technology expert
  • Alana Walker for persevering with your learning and working co-operatively with others
Year 6
  • Jonathan Mueller for always having a positive attitude and being an excellent role model for his peers
  • Helena Thompson for being a creative, enthusiastic and open minded learner
  • Daniel Kislyuk for working hard during maths to complete all tasks accurately
  • Jacob Li for being a focused and responsible learner in Chinese
  • MiniQ Lin for your consistent dedication to developing your creative thinking skills
  • Elodie Zhang for tremendous attention to detail in all areas
  • George Hollings for being a kind, caring and helpful classmate in 6G and for always trying your best
  • Erina Jin for constructing an excellent explanation on Liu Xiaobo as part of our Unit of Inquiry