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Угњеждени Портлети

Угњеждени Портлети


Boost is our online technical support service for students.

Staff and students can access technical assistance from Boost by logging in to boost.kristin.school.nz. Here they can then register an issue with the ICT Services team and access online resources in the FAQ section. Alternatively, students can email their issue or question directly to Boost.

Our ICT Services team provides support for our students and staff and general enquiries for parents. This can be anything from missing data, lost property, laptop repairs, security updates, installations or log-in issues - you name it, we deal with it, and are the one-stop shop for ICT enquiries.

Parents who require technical assistance should email ICT Services.

Operational Hours

Monday – Friday (during term), 8am - 4.30pm

Email Boost
09 415 9566 Ext 2414

Our ICT support team is located on the first floor of the Library Information Centre (LIC) building. Whilst on campus, students and staff can visit us throughout the day. Appointments are required during term breaks.

Угњеждени Портлети

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