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AUT Millennium Swim School
Friday 17th November
It would be great to see Kristin students develop and extend their swimming skills and confidence over the summer holidays. This will also build on our school swimming programmes and keep...
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Junior School Bouquets
Friday 17th November
Congratulations to the following students: Year 0 Alex Saville for drawing beautiful koru patterns around his sun painting Harry Saville for being courageous when...
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Year 5 Camp Bentzon
Wednesday 15th November
C lambering off the ferry, can’t wait to find our room A wesome, excited children, early morning wharf jumping M agical mornings packed with hyper and happy kids P eacocks pecking at the...
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Detectives in Action
Wednesday 15th November
One Thursday at the beginning of November, Year 2 became Coastal Biodiversity Detectives. Our transdisciplinary theme is ‘Sharing the Planet’ and we boarded two buses bound for Long Bay...
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Our Year 0 Trip to Stardome
Wednesday 15th November
We had an exciting outing to Stardome last week. It was a long way to the venue, but we were lucky as our driver could use the bus lane on the motorway. We zoomed past all the cars that...
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Year 4 love dolphin diving
Wednesday 8th November
We can hardly contain our excitement as we climb on board the bus to take us to the pool for our swimming lesson. The bus driver gets us there right on time and we hardly have to wait at...
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Meerkats at The Zoo
Wednesday 8th November
Last Wednesday, the Year 1 students visited Auckland Zoo as part of our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry. The class learned about many different animals’ features and how they have...
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Cheerleading Results
Tuesday 7th November
Congratulations to Year 4 student Isabelle Skinner for her All-Star Infinity Cheer team’s 1st placing (Level 1R Junior) at the Cheerbrandz Internationals held at the North Shore Events...
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North Harbour Schools Gymnastics Competition
Tuesday 7th November
North Harbour Gymnastics hosted their annual school’s competition for students in Years 1-6 at the North Shore Events Centre from 1-2 November. The ongoing success of our Friday...
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Year 6 Academy Class
Thursday 2nd November
The year 6 academy class for term four had their first of four sessions yesterday with our AUT strength and conditioning trainer Andreas Fossum. This talented young group were put...
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Product Creation in 5B

Term 3 has been very creative for the Year 5’s. Our major inquiry was: How we organise ourselves - advertising influences, what we think and the choices we make. This provided a platform for the students to produce an advertisement that would add value for consumers.

The planning was extensive. The students brainstormed ideas for their product, collaborated with each other and eventually decided on a product. Then they wrote storyboards to help with the filming and raided their homes for suitable props and clothing. The finale was creating an advertisement.

The products in 5B which we think added value for consumers were: ‘Zippo’- a pillow attached to a sleeping bag, so that when families go on holiday it reduces the amount of luggage, ‘Full of Taste’ – bubble gum that doesn’t run out of flavour, ‘R.P.R’ – a rubber, pencil and ruler – for students who lose their equipment and ‘Home Gnome’ – a gnome that has a camera in one eye to spot burglars and in the other eye a burglar alarm.

We would like to thank Ian Robinson, our film and Green Room expert, for his never ending time and support.