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Vhniezdené portlety

Vhniezdené portlety

Giving to Kristin

Donate NowMore than forty years ago it took a dedicated group of parents just three months to fund and build the very first Kristin classroom. Forty-two students were on the roll and the Kristin dream had begun. We no longer ask our parents to help mow playing fields or build new classrooms on their weekends but we do ask that they continue to help build the dream.

The philanthropic support of so many Kristin families, past and present leaves us a legacy of outstanding resources and facilities and we invite all families to support our fundraising and philanthropic initiatives, both during their time here as parents and beyond. Together we can continue to build the on the legacy of those before us.

There are a variety of ways to become involved in supporting the school; our aim is provide an option that is appropriate for every member of the community.

Annual Appeal 2016

Annual Giving Appeal

This year we are pleased to introduce the Kristin Annual Giving Appeal to provide annual support for new initiatives, give our families a regular opportunity to give back to the school and help grow the legacy of those who have made contributions before us.

All donations received through the Annual Appeal will be directed to projects that sit outside the normal school budget and, if funded, are acquired in the year the money is raised. Participation at a level that is appropriate for you is encouraged; donations of any amount are welcome - every gift counts.

The Annual Appeal will always include support for the Kristin Foundation, however other projects will change annually. This year our appeal aims to realise two important goals:

$30,000 towards the Kristin Foundation Scholarship Fund

Donate NowOur Scholarship Programme is currently benefitting 20 students who might not otherwise be able to experience the Kristin difference and we encourage families to support this important initiative as we strive to exceed our target of $30,000 again this year.

$20,000 towards the KFF Caravan

Donate NowWork is already underway on refurbishing a 1960's caravan to be used by the KFF as a family hub at community events across the school. Extensive work has already been done by volunteers in the areas of electrics, panel beating, painting, graphics and interior carpentry. Further funding will allow the purchase of a canvas awning, windows, furnishings and electrical goods for the caravan.

Making a manual donation

Simply download and return the Annual Giving Appeal form.

Forgiveness of Bond

The Bond, which all parents pay on acceptance at the school, is held in Trust until the student leaves Kristin. Many parents choose to donate all or part of this Bond back to the school, either at the time of acceptance, graduation or at some other stage during their time here. Bonds can be applied to any of our fundraising campaigns or to the Foundation Scholarship Programme.

Friends of the Foundation

Families who donate all or part of their Bond to the Kristin Foundation Scholarship Programme are invited to join the Board Chair's philanthropic group, Friends of the Foundation.

Friends of the Foundation >>

Donations through School Accounts

Our term invoices give a regular opportunity for bill payers to make a voluntary donation. Simply complete the box at the bottom of the invoice and select the area of the school you wish your donation to be applied to. Receipts will be forwarded once the donation has been processed.

Bequests – Remember us in your Will

Each member of the Kristin community forms part of the history of the school. While a range of appeals and campaigns take place throughout the years, a bequest is a substantial and lasting way of contributing to the future of the school. A bequest is an instruction within a Will and specifically reserves part of an estate for a particular beneficiary. It can be named or anonymous and can be directed for use in a particular area of the school or left for the school to use at its discretion. Consider leaving a legacy to Kristin, a bequest does give an opportunity to plan for and make a lasting gift.

Bequest Brochure >>

If a bequest is something you would like to consider then please contact me for a confidential, obligation free discussion.

Annual Gift from the Families of Graduates

Each year, the families of graduating students contribute towards a lasting gift to the school. We offer two options; a contribution towards a piece of art for the school's growing collection, or a donation to the Foundation Scholarship Programme. The parents of graduating students receive a letter in October each year inviting them to contribute to this gift which is then presented to the school at Graduation Dinner.

Events and Special Projects

A visit to our school calendar will show a range of events hosted by the School Relations team and the Kristin Family & Friends that provide opportunities for entertainment and engagement. All profits made from events and special projects support the Kristin Foundation and other community service initiatives. Regular participation in these events is a great way to make small contributions, which, when combined, can make a big difference.

Performing Arts – Patron or Seat Sponsors of the Dove

The 200-seat Dove Memorial Theatre Appeal gave a number of opportunities for parents to support the Performing Arts programmes. Contributions by Founding Patrons of the Dove raised more than half the target amount and the balance was raised from parents who supported the appeal as Patrons and Seat Sponsors. The opportunity remains in perpetuity for friends of the school to become Patrons or Seat Sponsors thereby contributing to the Performing Arts programme.


Pledges are a signed indication of intent. You may complete a pledge form for a particular campaign or project which indicates your intention to make a donation at an agreed later stage. Pledges are often paid in instalments over a period of up to five years.

Sponsors, Partners and Supporters

Opportunities exist for businesses to support the school in the capacity of an official school sponsor, partner or supporter. Our three-tier programme enables us to tailor opportunities to suit both the school and the sponsor and these are considered on a case by case basis. Minimum contributions apply; if appropriate, gift-in-kind will be considered.

Sponsorship Brochure >>

The Kristin Foundation

Currently, the Kristin Foundation's primary objective is to provide long-term funding for our Scholarship Programme. Gifts to the Foundation are invested, the capital remains in Trust and the interest is used to fund scholarships for students who may not otherwise be fortunate enough to benefit from the exceptional education that Kristin offers.

Every student and every family will know of someone worthy of a Kristin Scholarship. Donations to our Foundation will enable us to make a difference to the lives of more students outside our current community.

Tax Deductibility and Charitable Trust Status

All donations are fully tax deductible and all donations will be receipted. Kristin School is a Charitable Trust.

More Information

If you would like any information on ways in which you can contribute to our fundraising appeals or make donations to the school, please email Morag Fryer, Director of Advancement or phone +64 9 415 9566 Ext 2820.

Vhniezdené portlety

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