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Jess Quinn - Dancing with the Stars

Jess Quinn (2010) is taking New Zealand by storm as one of twelve Kiwi celebrities to take to the floor in the latest season of Dancing with the Stars. She’s profiled as a ‘fitness advocate and social media influencer’, but that barely begins to sum up what Jess is bringing to the table.

The 25-year-old former Kristin student has a Master’s degree in Fashion/Apparel Design from AUT. She’s a product designer, social media specialist, wellness advocate, model, founder of Plan Be and, most recently, fashion designer under her own label: BE. Your Label.

Jess is all about bringing strength and inspiration to others. At only nine years of age, Jess was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her leg to the disease that almost took her life. As a teenager, Jess struggled to come to terms with her body but the lessons she learnt, coupled with the love and support of her family, have enabled her to come out fighting. Today, she’s a strong independent woman on a mission to help others overcome adversity, helping them to thrive in their own skin with her message of positive body image and self-acceptance.

With a massive social media following of over 165,000 and a growing list of international brands behind her, Jess is relentless in her positivity and purpose. Her enthusiasm is infectious and there’s no doubting her determination. When announcing her role in Dancing with the Stars, Jess said, “I can honestly say dancing wasn’t something I thought I’d ever do or be able to do; however, something I’ve always lived my life by is trying to find ways to not be halted by my adversity. Every time I say the words ‘no, I can’t do that’ I then challenge myself to find a way how.”

At the time of publication, Jess and her dance partner Johnny are among the favourites to go all the way in the competition. All proceeds from their Dancing with the Stars votes are going to support the Child Cancer Foundation.