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Nested Portlets

Kristin Scholarship Fund

Please let us know what amount you would like to donate. After clicking the ‘Donate’ button you will be given the option to donate online by credit card or by making a direct bank transfer.
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  • Kristin School is a Charitable Trust. All donations will be receipted and are tax deductible.
  • Donations will be processed in New Zealand dollars.
  • Your personal information submitted with your donation will be treated in accordance with the Kristin School Privacy Policy. Your personal information will be used only for processing your donation, and for keeping you informed of school activities and initiatives.
To discuss any Kristin fundraising initiatives further, please contact Morag Fryer, Director of Advancement, on +64 9 415 9566 Ext 2820 or email Morag Fryer.

Nested Portlets

How Can I Help?
We're at the start of the journey to build our Kristin Scholarship Fund.  Our vision is to establish a large enough fund that the interest generated from it enables a set of scholarships to be offered year-on-year on a sustainable basis. 
Scholarships are for students who will enhance our Kristin community with exceptional all-round ability, contributing leadership and competition to make a positive difference.
You can help by:
* Donating directly to the scholarship fund using the form on the left; or
* Supporting our current scholarship fundraiser 'Conquer the Wall Fitness Challenge' - see below.

Conquer The Wall Fitness Challenge

March - June 2018

Promoting health and wellness across our entire community of Kristin students and their families, while concurrently building the Kristin Scholarship Fund.

Students are finding it personally rewarding to achieve their own individual fitness goal, while also enjoying the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to raise funds for more students to benefit from a Kristin experience.

Take up the challenge, create your page and start fundraising today!


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