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Вложенные портлеты

Вложенные портлеты

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Kristin Sportswear

From 2020 Kristin students representing the school in all sports should attend their games wearing the new Kristin tracksuit or a combination of pe short/hoodie/track jacket.
These exceptional garments are available from the uniform shop for individual purchase. It is our expectation that all students playing sport for Kristin should have their own Kristin sportswear.

The school PE short and PE top are also the sports uniform for a number of sports eg football, badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball. Again it is the school's expectation that individual students purchase their own from the uniform shop.

The school hoodie is also available from the uniform shop and is an accepted part of the school sports uniform. It is suitable for indoor sports eg water polo, basketball, badminton and can be worn with the school tracksuit. Both the hoodie and tracksuit are allowed to be worn in PE classes.