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Technology Advancement in Year 4

During this first half of Term 3, Year 4 students have inquired into how technological development impacts the way we work and live. As part of this inquiry we read a number of books about various inventions that have changed the world; bubble gum, flight, traffic lights... the list is endless! Students read about the history of flight and planes and went on to develop their own paper planes.

“Inventions, no matter what, have changed our lives. People invent and modify things because there is a need, or to solve a problem.” Keen Leung.

“I think it is amazing that Thomas Adams invented the gumball machine. Thomas Adams made a big mistake on making the gumball machine because he didn’t expect the children to learn how to stick their fingers up the machine and get gumballs for free”. Willamena Holdsworth.

“In the book, I learnt some interesting facts. Did you know that the science of flight is called ‘Aeronautic Engineering’? Another fact I found out is that if a plane yawns, it means it is turning. All planes have the exact same wing design. It is curved at the top and flat at the bottom.” Christian Skinner.