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GAIL - Global Alliance for Innovative Learning

What is GAIL?

Kristin School is part of the Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL), a community of eight schools that are geographically dispersed, but share a common vision for school education in the 21st Century. All of the members of the Global Alliance are independent, not for profit, co-educational schools committed to fostering understanding and authentic, purposeful friendship around the world.

Who makes up the GAIL community?

There are seven schools:

Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India

Kimball Union Academy, New Hampshire, USA

Western International School of Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen, Scotland

Prestige College, Pretoria, South Africa

Scotch College, Adelaide, Australia

Kristin School, Auckland, New Zealand

What does GAIL do?

There are a wide range of opportunities for our Kristin community to engage in the GAIL programme.

GAIL Convention

Since 2014, students have been given the opportunity to connect and form lifelong friendships through an annual GAIL convention. Students from each school gather together, working on a meaningful global challenge,  sharing their culture and perspectives on important issues.  At Woodstock students explored our connection with nature and at Robert Gordon's College in Scotland, our students evaluated different types of renewable energy.  In 2017 our GAIL convention in South Africa focused on community and connections (Ubuntu) and the importance of working together. 

These experiences have helped shape global perspectives for our students as well as created life long friendships with people from all over the world.  In 2018, ten students are heading to New Hampshire, USA to explore the concept of leadership and learn more about democracy and citizenship. 
2016 Convention in Aberdeen, Scotland >>

GAIL Student Exchanges

Each year there are opportunities for our students to spend a period of time experiencing life in another GAIL school. The exchange aims to engage students in a broader educational experience, immersing them in the culture and tradition of a host school, while also developing a wider global perspective.  In 2018 we have students traveling to Woodstock, India where they will experience project work in a local India Village and Santenay Jordon in Yr 11 has just returned from a 5 week exchange at KUA where she experienced American school life in sub zero temperatures.  For more details read our GAIL exchange students blogs - Kelsey Schiltkamp (from KUA) and Lily Wigglesworth alumni 2017.

GAIL Teacher Fellowships

As part of our professional development programme, Kristin supports GAIL staff to participate in an international educational experience with a focus on action research. This programme offers the opportunity for new knowledge and understandings to be generated by our staff, for the benefit of all GAIL schools.  Research topics have included the introduction of STEM programmes in Technology, the expansion of Duke of Edinburgh programmes, gender bias in the classroom and student transition experiences between schools.

Anyone can find the reports written by our GAIL fellows here>> 


Year 1-13 Classroom Connections

A powerful form of collaboration is the connection of students from all eight GAIL schools within the classroom - for all ages across our three schools. Whether it is Humanities, Science or Music, students from each of the GAIL schools can connect with each other, to gain an international perspective on the curriculum they are currently focussing on.

The sharing of new ideas, experiences and cultural understandings can add significant value to the educational experiences for our students here at Kristin School.

IIf you would like to know more about GAIL and the many different opportunities to engage in the programme look at the GAIL website (http://www.gailschools.org/) and please  email Sarah Wakeford.

Portlets Aninhado

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