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Portlets Aninhado

Portlets Aninhado

The Beijing Yucai School Exchange

The Beijing Yucai School is a coeducational school with approximately 4000 students enrolled from kindergarten to high school.

Established in 1937 in Yan'an (the area settled after 'The Long March') as the first school set up by the Communist Party. The first Principal was a former teacher of Mao Zedong. In 1949, with the establishment of The Peoples Republic of China, the school moved to Beijing and was built on a former imperial site with some buildings of over 600 years. In more recent years the school has evolved into a more outward-looking, internationally focused institution with an increasing number of overseas students.

The partnership between Kristin School and the Yucai School began officially in April 2004, when Yucai hosted a group of Chinese language students during a study tour in Beijing. In April of 2006 a second study tour was made by a group of 17 Kristin students.

Dongjng Road
Wuan Wui


Mr Vincent Zhang
Teacher In Charge
Email Mr Zhang

Forms and Documentation

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Dovetail Exchange Questionnaire (The Beijing Yucai School)

Dovetail Exchange Students - The Beijing Yucai School

2015 - Ben Sharp, Younes Abulaban
2012 - Conrad Edwards, Hyungjun Kim, Yezen Kubba
2011 - Rachel Cho, Julia Frances, Paige Herbst, Elizabeth Lunn, Elena MacEwan, Anna Wingham
2010 - Sam Shim, Ted Connor
2009 - Francesco Kook, Joanne Lee
2008 - Ping Cowley, Luke Derrick, Abdullah Kubba, Samuel Taylor
2007 - Rolen Jeon, Tim Ko, Kent McLeod
2006 - Elliot MacDonald, William Lunne, So Young Shin, Jane Sung
2005 - Eugene Shin, Jin Kim

Portlets Aninhado

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