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Redlands Exchange: Mark

After hosting my exchange partner for three weeks it was finally my turn to travel. On Thursday 5 March Peta, Shania and I flew to Sydney for three weeks.

After meeting our exchange partners at the airport, we went to school for periods 5 and 6. When I first got to Redlands it was quite different to Kristin but kind of the same at the same time. Kristin’s campus is a lot bigger then Redlands in size. My first leson was Christian Studies then the whole school does a sports afternoon every Thursday. On Friday I attended Science, Maths, History and Tech. The work they do is quite similar to what we do at Kristin and the teachers and kids are really nice.

The first weekend I went to Wet ‘n’ Wild in Sydney which has recently opened. We were there for the whole day and it was so much fun doing all the slides.

In the first full week at Redlands I went on the Year 8 Redlands camp, which was for five days at Mt Yarrahapinni National Park, about a 5-hour drive north of Sydney. We spent two nights in cabins and were in tents for the other two nights. We spent some time walking in a sub-tropical rain forest, canoeing, surfing and exploring the area. Surfing was my favorite activity but I also saw a small snake in the grass, it was so cool. It was a good experience and great to get to know some of my new classmates.

Last weekend I did some more sightseeing in Sydney. I visited Taronga Zoo on Saturday, then on Sunday I went to Manly beach before going on the ferry to the city to see the Sydney Opera House. So far I have had a great time and look forward to seeing more of Sydney before I come home.

Mark Swanson