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Portlets Aninhado

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Middle School Bouquets

Year 7

  • Rosa MacDonald, Harrison McCarthy, Caspar McGavin and Simmy Wang for being focused and showing excellent grammar knowledge 
  • Florence Fell and Daniel Trigg for excellent presentation in the Dean's Assembly last week
  • Jack Gibson for solving the daily Maths puzzle in super quick time 
  • Sam Zhang for inventing a very impressive Maths riddle for the class
  • Paige Evans, Louis Hackett, Willa Rebbeck, Georgina Walker and Kate Walsh for getting top score in our latest French vocabulary test
  • Vanessa Burmeister, Michael Deng, Max Gulliver, Yeon Seo Kin, Emma Lee, Phoebe Thompson, Jacqueline Tsui, Janae Windust and Livvy Sewell for perfect scores in challenging French vocabulary tests
  • Olivia Peng for her initiative in PE collecting equipment without being asked
  • Una Dennehy, Lilian Zhang and Seren White for fantastic completion of novel study projects and sharing them with the class
  • Cici Chen for her positive attitude in ELA
  • Cindy Jia for her dedication and friendly sense of humour in ELA
  • Sam Zhang for always sharing insightful ideas and opinions in ELA
  • Caspar McGavin for always being so willing to help in class
  • Vanessa Burmeister for great effort in PE and defending like a champion!
  • Daniel Balla for getting fully involved in our invasion games in PE, well done!
  • Caitlin Sly for taking responsibility in the homeroom and leading by example
  • Emmy Davis for her focus and work in Maths this week
  • Campbell Deng for great work and use of time with his inquiry project
  • Gavin Duggal for his work and focus on formal writing in the class novel
  • Molly James for her inquiry questions and working to develop her own ideas into a project to share with the whole class
  • Kyle Lin for the quiet way he supports others in the tutor class
  • Willa Reebeck for her beautiful tree drawing and insightful look into values and how she shows them
  • Georgina Walker and Vivian Tuen Muk for their resilience to walk with a moon boot on this week. Please heal girls!
  • Kate Walsh for writing an article on BASE Day
  • Jessey Xu for being open-minded and accepting in mindfulness
  • Kevin Zhan for his awesome contributions in class discussions
  • Cindy Zhao for being a happy member of our class
  • Lorreta Wang for her awesome work with the Treble Clefs at The Kids Sing
  • Connor McFarlane for showing how to use MindMup to your class and teacher
  • Jan-Di Ries for making a positive start to Kapa haka and bringing with him the enthusiasm and energy
  • Martin Wang for exceptionally good focus and work ethic in Maths
  • Year 8
  • Alex Cabraal-Schmidt, Sophia Holden, Caitlin Tobin-Vile and George Rush for their mature attitude and focus in Spanish class
  • Alex McKay and Ben Murray for being super helpful to the teacher and offering to do little jobs
  • Mabel, Taja, Kevin, Azaria, Florian, Holly, Toby and Allyson of 8NHA for handing in English homework on time and of a high standard
  • Taja Grossman, Sophie Blackwell, Allyson Franscisco and Holly Humphrey
  • for using their initiative to warm up for Hockey in PE whilst waiting for the rest of the class to arrive
  • Rang Cheng for having a positive approach in ELA class
  • Ethan Cheng for his polite and friendly manner in ELA class
  • Christina Wang for her cheerful disposition in ELA class
  • Harry Yang for his effort and focus in ELA class
  • Bob Wei for his active participation in classroom discussions in ELA class
  • Fei Xu for being considerate of others and completing work to a high standard
  • Ellie Davis for her polite and friendly manner in the homeroom
  • Miriam Scott and William Rushworth for excellent work on punctuation
  • Eloise Jenkins for her helpful attitude in the homeroom
  • Alexander Cabraal-Schmidt and Liam Power for their dedication and commitment to Kapa haka
  • Arabella Thompson, Rian Wongsarot, Charlie Bowden and Jamie Richardson for their consistent effort in Chinese learning

Year 9

  • Noa Buzzolan, Garcia Peterson, Haochen Wang, Madison Clifton and Christine Lu for their oral participation in Spanish class, showing excellent knowledge of the topic vocabulary
  • Charlie Jenkins and Ned Iversen for doing a great job leading their group with their warm-up in PE
  • Emily Huang for her excellent work ethic in English
  • Rayna Huang for her excellent work ethic in English
  • Ines Hernandes, Nicole Yong, Izzy Gaze, Ella Senior, Zhuoyan Xu and Chris Furlong for their strong work ethic in Chinese learning

Year 10

  • Lucy Chen, Christine Li, Martin Zhu, Jack Gulliver and So Yeon Park for their commendable effort in Chinese learning
  • Jade Bowater, Claude Loomes, Sebastian Eckert, Andrew Tian and Affy Chapman for their mature attitude and focus in the Spanish grammar lesson
  • Daisy Zhou for her exceptional knowledge of body parts in French during the Simon says activity