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Middle & Senior School Groups

Middle and Senior School students have the opportunity to enjoy a vast array of co-curricular activities, be it sporting, performance or leadership-focused. Some are administered to specific year levels while others are open to students from Year 7-13. These clubs will be advertised on the school forums throughout the year.

More information is available by contacting the Middle and Senior School offices.

Amnesty International

Year 11-13
The Kristin Amnesty Youth Group is all about protecting and defending human rights. Over the course of the year, the group runs multiple events - usually one big event per term. Term 3 runs the biggest event, the "Freedom Challenge". It is a New Zealand-wide phenomenon, during which schools all over the country run events, raising awareness and campaigning for a topic of Amnesty International's choice. Email Monika Schnibbe-Bhargav >>

Art Club

Year 7-13
In support of developing creativity and expression in our students, Kristin offers Art Clubs in Visual Arts across both middle and senior schools. For those students who would like to explore further opportunities in this domain there are a number of activities on offer after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Clubs vary from term to term, but may include drawing, design, painting, photography and sculpting. In Term 2 there is an opportunity for Art Club students to be a part of an Art Exhibition in the LIC foyer. Email Lisa Woodhead >>

Book Club

Year 7-8
The Book Club attracts readers of all genres. It meets every week to discuss and challenge a students love of reading. Much fun is had on Monday lunchtimes through social interaction and online literature to motivate, expand knowledge, and foster creativity. Email Jody Jessep>>

Chess Club

Year 7-13
The benefits of chess are well documented in support of concentration, problem solving and strategic thinking. Lunch time and after school opportunities exist for students wishing to play at all levels - from beginner classes and drop in social sessions, to the development of competitive teams that participate in regional competitions. Email John Buckley >>


Year 7-13
Debating is a co-curricular activity which encourages a wide general knowledge, critical thought, expressiveness and teamwork. Students are challenged to develop points of view on a wide range of contemporary issues and be able to communicate their perspective to an audience. Debating also sharpens the skills of argument and logical thought.
For Year 11-13 registrations/enquiries Email David Shaw >>
or Year 7-10 registrations/enquiryes Email Raewyn Casey >>


Year 7-13
K Force is an activity for students from Year 7 to 13 who are interested in engineering related pursuits.  The activity provides a venue, mentoring and social networking with like minded students. They can pursue any of the myriad of STEM related competitions such as the worldwide VEX Robotics Competition and the national Evolocity electric vehicle competition.  Students are also able to carry out their own project work under the umbrella of this group.  They can also follow these interests both in curriculum in Engineering Design from Y10 onwards and as an extracurricular activity.  Email Martin Allen >>  

Film Making

Year 7-10
Cloud Creative - This club runs weekly and allows students to explore and experiment with the latest media making programmes and techniques. Students have full use of our Cloud Suite and are able to let their creative sides run wild. Students work collaboratively each term on projects which capture the essence of Kristin school life. Email Ian Robinson >>

Future Problem Solving Teams

Year 11-13
Future Problem Solving (FPS) is an academically challenging programme which enables students to develop critical and creative thinking, communication skills, problem solving, research skills and collaborative skills within a futuristic focus. FPS is a highly regarded international programme with 20,000 student participants worldwide. Students who have learnt the Future Problem Solving Process in the Middle School are welcome to continue their passion with the Global Issues programme by joining a lunchtime coaching group. They can develop their skills and knowledge throughout the year and register to compete in the National Competitions in November. Another division of the FPS programme is Scenario writing, where students write a futuristic scenario based on a current FPS topic. Students can also register to complete a Community Problem Solving Project.  Email Helen Mansfield >>

International Clubs

Year 7-13
The aim is to promote and share culture within the Kristin School community, whilst providing a friendly environment for all students interested in each culture, through the organisation of various events. Our clubs are student-run, and welcome any students willing to lend a helping hand. Annual activities the club participates in are: International Peace Night, assistance with Race Unity Day organised by UNESCO, International Language week food stall, Korean Day and peer group support for new students.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

Year 11-13
The Roots and Shoots students aim to consolidate and build on the work of previous years. They organise student first aid courses, tree planting and work to improve Kristin's Senior School EnviroSchool status among other activities. The students aim to support and work with external organisations such as The Mangere Refugee Centre, The Auckland City Mission, Wilson Home, SPCA, World Vision, Riding for the Disabled and various Habitat Restoration groups around the North Shore. Email Sarah Wakeford >>

Poetry Club

Year 11-13
On Tuesday lunchtimes the Poetry Club provides an informal environment in which students gather and discuss poetry from a range of time periods and places. We typically enjoy poetry for the ways poets play with language and explore the most abstract ideas in new and intriguing ways. Students are also given the opportunity to develop their own writing, whether they want to tackle epic poetry, limits or engage in spoken word. We have guest speaker spots over the course of the year, where published New Zealand poets will come and chat with the group about what they think poetry's place is in the modern world. Email Justine Wedge >>

Physics Club

Year 11-13
During Term 1 and 4 groups of students collaborate to solve open-ended, unsolved physics problems through creative experimentation and research. The problems often take students far beyond the school curriculum, giving them an opportunity to really extend their creative problem-solving skills. The research process culminates in the presentation of their findings at the New Zealand Young Physicists' Tournament. Email Matt Campbell  >>

Polynesian Club

Year 7-13
As a member of the Poly' Club, you can expect to learn songs and dances as well as some of the culture from the various islands of the Pacific. These include Cook Island drum dance and action songs, Tahitian ori, Samoan sāsā and songs, and Tongan songs. Email Mata Mataio >>


Year 11-13
The SADD Committee is about our students working with the National organisation to develop strategies that are effective for our students by working together to create positive changes: promoting alternatives and solutions to drink driving and encouraging attitudes and behaviours that will keep our school community safe. Email Irene Cranstoun >>


Year 11-13
UNESCO is a club activity that offers the senior student community at Kristin an opportunity to share views about the sociocultural issues around them and look for diplomatic ways to solve problems. By promoting open discussion, UNESCO wants students to understand that they are part of the solution to the urgent problems of our world and that they need to focus on service events inside and outside the school like the International Peace Night, Model United Nations conferences and Race Unity Speech to become responsible world citizens. Email Jacquie Navarro >>


Year 11-13
UNICEF Club provides senior students with an opportunity to advocate for action on issues that are vital to the survival of the world's children. This club is student-led and aims to educate, advocate and fundraise for the issues that UNICEF works for. Email Irene Cranstoun >>

Service Clubs


Year 7-13
Students who serve on committees have the opportunity to directly influence the school. In the process, they learn meeting procedures, project management skills and collaborative strategies. To be selected for committees, students need to demonstrate commitment, organisational skills, reliability, initiative and an ability to motivate others.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Year 9-13
The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award is a programme for 14-25 year olds that is open to all young people in NZ regardless of background or ability. At Kristin we have an Award Unit Leader who supports students through the Duke of Edinburgh programme. Email Carl Murray >>


Year 7-13
The Kristin Student Librarians endeavor to provide quality school library services for students, teachers and the wider Kristin community. Student librarians maintain library environment as a welcoming, well-presented school hub and operate circulation desks at lunch time. Student librarians promote reading to fellow students, as well as promoting the vast digital and physical library collection. Email Clare Lee >>

Student Mentors & Peer Mediators

Year 7-13
The roles of Student Mentors and Peer Mediators offer support as well as service and leadership opportunities to students in the Junior and Middle School. Through these support roles students provide assistance on the playground, helping others to resolve differences, providing avenues for younger students to ask for help and acting as a role model for their peers.

Middle School Leadership Teams (Year 10)

Alliance Team, Assembly Team, Atoma Team, Community and Service Team, Cultural Team, Dance Team, Girls Leadership Team, Good Guys Team, ICT Tech Angels, Ideas and Environment Team, International Committee, KTV Team, Library Events Team, Magazine Team

Senior School Leadership Teams

Prefects >>
Senior School Leadership Committees >>
House Councils (Middle and Senior School)

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