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Kristin Dove Scholarships 2019

Progress with vision, integrity and love.

We recognise that many outstanding students deserve a world-class Kristin education, but due to constraints these students are unable to attend.

The Kristin Scholarship programme welcomes talent and diversity.

Scholarships for Year 9, 2019 (5 years - Year 9 to Year 13) - 2 full scholarships available

Applications are now open and close on Tuesday 1 May at 4pm.

Scholarships for Year 11, 2019 (3 years - Year 11 to Year 13) - 2 full scholarships available

Applications are now open and close on Tuesday 1 May at 4pm.

For any questions regarding Scholarships at Kristin please contact Marg Cross, Admissions Manager or phone (09) 415 9566 extn 2324

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  • All Scholarships are needs based, available to students who for financial reasons would not otherwise be able to attend Kristin.

  • Scholarships are only open to NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents.

  • Scholarship applicants are required to submit a full Kristin Application Form along with supporting documents.

  • Scholarship families must complete a ‘Disclosure of Financial Position' and submit this along with supporting evidence.

  • Shortlisted applicants must attend a personal interview with the Executive Principal.

  • Scholarships are only available to new students entering Kristin.

  • Scholarships will be awarded to students who show exceptional all-round ability and increase diversity in the student population.

  • Scholarships are subject to annual review and may be withdrawn where a recipient's attitude and/or performance is unsatisfactory, or the scholarship criteria is no longer being met.

  • In the event that there are no Scholarship applicants who meet the candidate criteria, Kristin reserves the right not to award any scholarships at all.

  • The decision of the Executive Principal is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

All applications, discussions and decisions must be kept strictly confidential by the School and applicants.

When the Scholarship period is completed, past Scholarship recipients may be approached to share their story about how their Kristin Scholarship positively benefited their life journey. Positive testimonials are valuable in the promotion of the Kristin Scholarship programme, however the school will work with the individual if confidentiality is preferred.   


Portlets aninhado

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