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Dancing in Year 1

During Term 3, Year 1 Students enjoyed learning dance as part of Sport lessons.  The children learnt 4 new dances,  improved their gross motor and coordination skills and had a lot of fun.  Here are some comments directly from the students.

I liked the chicken dance.  Ella Smith
I learnt how to skip. Kristian Singh
I liked going in and out of the windows.  Brayden Lee
I liked the car one the best.  Avera Anderson
My favourite thing from dance was the in and out window dance.  Nafas Esmaili
I loved going through the windows.  Natalie Kwok
My favourite was the chicken dance.  Sam Murdoch
I liked holding hands and going in and out. Claire Xia
I liked the chicken dance.  Alyssa Fu
I liked the car dance.  Lucas Dai
I got better at the chicken dance.  Ryan Zeng
I had lots of fun.  Martin Chen
I loved the chicken dance. Izabella Lentino