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Junior School Bouquets
Thursday 15th March
Congratulations to the following students: YEAR 2 Emily Logue for her creative simile writing Yolanda Shen for being a focused learner and a great role model in Chinese...
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Year 3 Zoo Adventure
Wednesday 14th March
As part of our Biomes Inquiry, 3T and the rest of Year 3 had an exciting time on our Zoo visit. We looked at different Biomes and which animals and plants live in them. We also noticed...
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PYP Parent Seminar
Wednesday 14th March
On Monday evening 25 Junior School parents attended our PYP parent seminar. They experienced some ‘old school’ teaching and an activity much more in line with a PYP experience that our...
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2018 Junior School Production - 16 November
Wednesday 7th March
We are excited to announce our 2018 Junior School Production - Disney’s The Artistocats KIDS. Based on the beloved Disney animated film, and featuring a jazzy, upbeat score,...
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Year 4 Camp
Wednesday 28th February
The Year 4’s have just returned from their amazing first camp away from school and home. As a class, 4D reflected on the parts of camp they most enjoyed, giving a firm reason why they...
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A Shared Experience
Wednesday 28th February
Every Day 5, Year 2 have the opportunity to spend time as a whole group. Each of the four classes has their turn to host and this special assembly begins with saying the school motto....
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Junior School Bouquets
Thursday 22nd February
A very warm welcome to the following students who have joined us this term:   Year 1 Kade Evans, Henry Frizelle, Anika Ganesh, Hedy Goodchild, Zoe Gottschen, Jacob...
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Year 2 Making Friends
Wednesday 14th February
2T have started off the year by unpacking our central idea that Social skills are needed to make friends. We discussed the attributes  of what makes a good friend and also what we...
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6Q's Productive Start
Wednesday 14th February
6Q have had a busy and productive start to the new school year. We have discussed what makes a positive learning environment and formed a Class Treaty, chosen personal goals for ourselves,...
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2W Back to school 2018
Thursday 8th February
The beginning of the school year for 2018 has being an amazing start for 2W. The students have being so excited to be back at school and they have shown great enthusiasm for the new...
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Year 4 love dolphin diving

We can hardly contain our excitement as we climb on board the bus to take us to the pool for our swimming lesson. The bus driver gets us there right on time and we hardly have to wait at all until it is our turn to get into the water. The instructors at Hilton Brown work with us in small groups so we all get a chance to improve our swimming. Some of the activities are practising our breathing and strokes, races to the end of the pool, duck-diving to retrieve objects from the bottom and diving in from the edge of the pool.

“They teach you dolphin dive and sometimes they let you play tag in the water”. Tino Hernandez

“I like doing the dolphin dives and playing water tag”. Keen Leung.

“I have been practising having straight arms. The water is really warm”. Isabelle Skinner.

I liked how we all got to jump off together”. Willa Holdsworth