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Nepal 2018
Thursday 19th April
Trekking from Chomrong to Bamboo April 19 @ 8am Nepal time. Great news!  The weather has finally cleared and everyone woke up to glorious views of Annapurna...
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Secondary Schools Equestrian Cup
Friday 13th April
The Kristin team of Peta Kuluz, Madeleine Crook and Amie Chang took part in the Secondary Schools Equestrian Cup at Woodhill Sands on 12th April. Together with a draft rider from...
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The Importance of Being Earnest
Friday 13th April
The Year 12 NCEA Drama class presented their production of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' in the Dove Theatre on Monday 9th April. Oscar Wilde described his play as a 'a trivial comedy for...
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Romeo and Juliet
Friday 13th April
The Year 13 NCEA Drama class presented a very different show on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th April, when they performed their version of 'Romeo and Juliet', the timeless tale of star-cross'd...
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Sports Committee in action in the Junior School
Friday 13th April
At lunchtimes once per week the senior school sports committee arrange fun physical activities for all those in the Junior School who wish to participate. It is part of the...
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Lego jar estimation winners
Friday 13th April
Over the last few weeks the children in the Junior School have been taking part in an exciting maths competition, estimating how many pieces of Lego were in a glass jar. Lots of teachers...
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St Georges, Quilmes Blog
Thursday 12th April
St Georges, Quilmes - Argentina We arrived in Argentina at the start of the long Easter weekend. This was perfect as it gave us a chance to look around the city and meet some of the...
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Middle School Bouquets
Thursday 12th April
Congratulations to the following students:   Year 7 Asad Hamid for kindly sharing his lunch with Flynn Andy Zhang for his enthusiasm and positive attitude...
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Grandparents Day
Wednesday 11th April
On Friday last week, the Junior School hosted their annual Grandparents day. Students from across the Junior School were excited to show their Grandparents their classroom and share their...
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Who we are in 1P
Wednesday 11th April
Our journey is just beginning as we come to the end of our first term in Year 1. We are working on gaining independence as we organise ourselves for our school day. Like social butterflies...
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AUT Millennium Swim School

It would be great to see Kristin students develop and extend their swimming skills and confidence over the summer holidays. This will also build on our school swimming programmes and keep our Flippaball and Water Polo athletes fit and prepared for 2018.

Develop swimming skills and confidence in New Zealand’s premiere aquatics facility this summer! Held in world-class facilities, AUT Millennium Holiday Intensive Swimming Lessons are taught by fully qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping every student improve technique and water competency in a positive, supportive environment.

Visit /intensives to reserve your space today.

For more information please email Mr Messervy: