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Year 5 Brian Falkner visit
Wednesday 4th July
On Thursday 28 April Year 5 were treated to a visit from a fantastic author, Brian Falkner. He stayed with us for the whole day! He began his visit by sharing some of his books and the...
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Team McTaggart take on the Games
Wednesday 4th July
Gold Coast 2018 was a dream come true for two Kristin Alumni who had been working towards Commonwealth Games selection since they were children. Siblings Olivia McTaggart (2017) and...
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Building the Albany Campus
Wednesday 4th July
Excerpt from “25 Years of Kristin” jubilee publication, 1997 Text from Terry Findlay, former executive officer, property manager and teacher (Kristin staff 1977-2002 ) ...
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The Heart of the Kindergarten
Wednesday 4th July
We recently had the honour of welcoming a very special founding member of staff back to Kristin for a tour of the new Little Doves Early Learning Centre. Dawn Wilks was the...
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Jess Quinn - Dancing with the Stars
Wednesday 4th July
Jess Quinn (2010) is taking New Zealand by storm as one of twelve Kiwi celebrities to take to the floor in the latest season of Dancing with the Stars . She’s profiled as a ‘fitness...
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Sam Stuchbury - Forbes’ 30 Under 30
Wednesday 4th July
In July this year, Sam Stuchbury (2008) will be heading to Hong Kong to join 300 of Asia’s leading entrepreneurs at the Forbes’ Under 30 Asia Summit. This trip comes after Sam was named in...
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Kristin Alumni Dominate in VBC Competitions
Wednesday 4th July
Spotlight on Victoria Business Consulting Club. At university, learning isn’t restricted to lecture theatres and tutorials; workshops aren’t the only place to refine your...
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The Vista Story: Like Water, Just Better
Wednesday 4th July
Scott Day, Adam Sorensen and Russell Hopper (2009) It has been a whirlwind couple of years for three Kristin Alumni who have developed and launched an innovative new beverage. Scott...
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Friends, Family, Dinner and a Show
Wednesday 4th July
Alumni Families’ Phantom Dinner When families come together over a meal it strengthens relationships, improves well-being and nourishes our minds as much as our bodies. How true...
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Australian Alumni Reunions
Wednesday 4th July
No matter where you go in the world, you never have to look far to find a Kristin connection. A quick jump across the Tasman, for example, unveils a vast network of past students and staff...
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AUT Millennium Swim School

It would be great to see Kristin students develop and extend their swimming skills and confidence over the summer holidays. This will also build on our school swimming programmes and keep our Flippaball and Water Polo athletes fit and prepared for 2018.

Develop swimming skills and confidence in New Zealand’s premiere aquatics facility this summer! Held in world-class facilities, AUT Millennium Holiday Intensive Swimming Lessons are taught by fully qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping every student improve technique and water competency in a positive, supportive environment.

Visit /intensives to reserve your space today.

For more information please email Mr Messervy: