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General Queries

My child registered their device last year and will be using the same device next year - do we need to register again?

If your child has already registered their device, and already knows their network ID number, they do not need to re-register the same device. It is recommended that any software no longer required, is removed from their device in order to free up memory.

My child's device is being replaced – do we need to register again?

If a laptop: Curriculum software will need to be removed by ICTS. As it is necessary for Kristin to be compliant with software regulations, student laptops cannot be sold on with Curriculum software still installed.

If an iPad: Students should notify ICTS to remove their old iPad from the network, and then add their new device.

How many devices can my child register?

Junior students: only 1 device can be registered – this is called their ‘Primary' device.

Year 7-10 students: a secondary device can be registered in addition to their ‘Primary' device (this can be an iPad or phone).

Year 11-13 students: student device registration is unlimited.

What happens if my child's device is broken or faulty?

Since the programme is entirely BYO, you should contact your retail store or manufacturer for details for their repair service. ICTS can assist with guidance only in these matters. Home insurance should be checked in case the device needs to be added to your contents list.

Whilst your device is being repaired off-campus, students are able to borrow an iPad Mini from the library, for a two-week period. By actively using Google Mail and Google Drive, students can access their schoolwork from the iPad Mini.

We cannot attend any of the registration dates – what should we do?

If you already have the device, you are welcome to register the device prior to the end of Term 4.

A further registration slot will be assigned during week 1, during school hours. Following that, support classes will be offered in the first few weeks of Term 1 to assist students to complete the registration process. Unfortunately parents will not be able to attend these term-time classes.

What about Facebook as well as other social media sites during school-time?

Facebook is only applicable to Senior students and is allowed for a short time before and after school. Other social media such as Twitter, spotify etc. are not allowed.

Tablet Specific Queries

Do I need to associate my Credit Card with my child's Apple ID?

No you do not need to associate your credit card with your child's Apple ID. Please review Apple's information on Apple Families.

Can I oversee the maintenance of my child's App installations?

By using Apple Families, you will be notified as and when an App is being installed onto your child's device.

Laptop Specific Queries

What happens if my child's device displays signs of having a virus?

Anti-virus software is compulsory. A trial version is not acceptable. We have a promotional discount for EsetNod32. But alternative Anti-virus software can be used.

If your child's laptop is showing signs of malware or a virus, they should visit ICTS immediately for assistance. Anti-virus software is usually an annual subscription and should be re-newed.

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Middle School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7

  • Flynn Harrison for sharing his morning tea with a student who forgot to bring his.  A very caring gesture, thank you Flynn.
  • Mara Ziegler for using her initiative to turn off a running tap without being asked, which saved a lot of water from being wasted
  • Izzy Karim for her insightful and positive contributions to her Health lesson
  • Lucinda Cotton and India Skinner for going out of her way to help new students and the teacher
  • Jaime Webber for settling into our class so well in Year 7
  • Kevin Li for his caring attitude towards friends in our class
  • Renee Lee for taking initiative with her learning and putting in her best effort
  • Louis McKendry for his generous and helpful spirit and always having a big smile on his face
  • Patrick Vezich for his polite and friendly manner and willingness to assist others whenever he can
  • MingYang Du, Olivia Herrmann and Dorothy Zhu for doing the AIM actions in French class and communicating only in French
  • Lily Richardson, Jack Shaw, Madelyn Rowe, Mateo Barrero Ortiz, Hannah Crook and Olivier Chelet for an excellent effort in their first few French lessons and keeping to the "French only" rule in class

Year 8

  • Aaron Lloyd for his excellent attentiveness and personal physical effort in PE during Week 1
  • Leo Clancy for his excellent and positive start in Mathematics
  • Lorreta Wang for her willingness to take on extra responsibilities that assist in the running of her tutor class
  • Phoebe Thompson and Seren White for helping our new students to settle into the Kristin community
  • Emma Lee, Adriana Field, Deborah Lin, Sam Logue and Eric Zhang for being great buddies for new students
  • Leo Clancy for the efficient way he carries out his class responsibility
  • Etienne Chelet for his positive attitude and enthusiastic start in French lessons
  • Grace Horwood for helping the new students in her class settle into science and learn the science lab rules
  • Samuel Elworthy and George Senior for showing great knowledge of New Zealand, including the kumara, oyster and gumboot capitals cities of the country 
  • Lewis Whaley for having a positive and enthusiastic approach to the start of the year
  • Ivy Doak and Angelina Youssef for displaying fantastic persistence and resilience during a challenging activity in Maths. Well done!
  • Hermione Aris, Jayden Churches, Macy Freeman, Dianne Lee, William Leonard, Deborah Lin, Vivien Luo, Bella Marris, Millieke McKay and JD Ries for their enthusiasm and willingness to participate and collaborate in Drama
  • Anastasia Koh, Alex Wrightson, Ryan Fennelly, Amelia Baker and Sam Riordan for their positive attitude in Spanish and giving it a go in class, even though they had no previous knowledge
  • Chris Abboud, Shania Bahl, Krissy Isted, Mia Cao, Vikram Chauhan and Una Dennehy for doing the AIM actions and providing some great answers in Spanish

Year 9

  • Jamie Richardson for willingly helping a fellow student with IT issues during English class
  • Lachlan Wallace for volunteering his ideas in class and for making an effort to spend time with new students
  • James Wiley, Theodore Karim and Thomas Zhou for their fantastic collaboration and enthusiasm in Fusion (Science)
  • Cam Collett & Zach Fraser-Brain for their excellent teaching ability and willingness to help others
  • Aiden van der Nist for his respectful conduct and insightful contribution to classroom discussions
  • Sarah-Anne Meares for her positive attitude and eagerness to contribute to classroom activities 
  • Tomas Barrero Ortiz, Henry Chen, James Xu, Thompson Zhou, Bob Wei and Ben Lee for their valuable contributions to class activities in Maths
  • Abi Lyons for her creative thinking and willingness to share her viewpoints
  • Vito Zou, Holly Humphrey and Mitchell Tucker for their excellent involvement in group activities
  • Logan Fleming for his very good organisation
  • Leia Paltridge for positivity and co-operation in Drama
  • Holly Humphrey and Finn Burridge for being superb MCs at the first Dean's assembly

Year 10

  • Roger Wang, Angus Macleod and Brian Zhang for graciously stopping to help a student carry all of her books, when her bag broke at the end of last term
  • Rose Steele for starting the year with a focused and motivated attitude and for engaging in class discussion
  • Brianna Stables and Ruby Campbell for their wonderful engagement in English
  • Gala Kayser Carro, Alex Walton and Haochen Wang for their positive attitude and good work rate in Maths
  • Noel Stojanovic for making a positive start to his Kristin experience
  • Tim Gunn and Jason Yang for the intuitive paragraph they wrote on 'Values'